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  1. Yes, Jay is recovering well from all that I've heard and seen. We got to video chat (haha) with him a bit yesterday before he was going out for a walk. He was much more interested in the two adorable girls giving him lots of love then the weird people on the phone ) Thanks Greg for mentioning that by the way. My brother, Rick, fell in love with Jay the first moment they met (even knowing his medical condition). Kim and my brother felt that they were meant to be together right away. Also, Greg, could you check your email for a request from my brother to join the forums? Thanks much. D
  2. Just a quick update for those that are curious... Jay SilverHeels is indeed at his new forever home in Dallas, TX. He’s being treated for heart worm, ring worm and bronchitis (I believe), but other then that he seems to be doing great. He had a great road trip from SDK including a chance to see the Grand Canyon. He now lives with my brother and his 2 girls who all love him to death. He is of course adjusting to his new life - a few potty accidents and the discover of ooooh the kitchen trash can - yummy! But he’s smart, sweet and by all accounts near perfect. Thanks again to all f
  3. Thanks Sherab. Great advice on talking to the dog a lot and using key words. My 2 AIDogs certainly understand a lot, and communication is such a rewarding part of our relationship. My brother does not have any other dogs, but he does have 2 younger daughters. Kim says that Jay Silverheels has been around kids a lot, and I imagine that Fawn would do fine too. He is also driving one of them from Oregon to their new home in Dallas, TX. While a different climate, it shouldn’t be much of a change until next summer. Will keep you updated... Thx again
  4. Hi all, My brother is planing on adopting one of Kims retired breeders next week (Jay Silverheels or Fawn). I just wanted to ask if anyone out there has any experience, advice or comments etc about adopting a retired breeder. Cheers and Happy Holidays! David
  5. Trekker

    2Nd Aidog?

    Oh yes, Nanette, I remember you saying that we were getting siblings last year. How is Ben? I wish Kota could see you and Ben again - she may not remember you, but then again... would be cool to see. Do you have any pictures? My young daughter would die to see pix of Kota's brother! And yes, I am fully expecting some serious jealousy issues whenever we get the new pup. Having grown up with many dogs, I've seen it many times, but as noted it can be overcome with a little patient and lots of love. Denise, perhaps it was the spirit of a pup yet to be born but that will be Kota's soul
  6. Trekker

    2Nd Aidog?

    Thank you all very much for the input and info. As usual, it's very helpful. I will tell Kim all about Kota's personality (very submissive and playful BTW) and trust in him as we did when he picked Kota out for us. Oh, and Denise, the ghost eyes are just a flare from the sun - kinda weird, but that was one of the most recent pics I have.
  7. Trekker

    2Nd Aidog?

    Hi all, Today is Kota's 1st birthday (Tonto x Little Crow litter 2015), and we are ready for our 2nd AIDog. I wanted to ask around though to see what experiences any of you have had with a second and if there are opinions on issues like mixing genders vs. having 2 females, etc. For those of you that are curious, here's a little update. Kota is a fantastic dog - smart, kind, loyal and just down right beautiful to us. She plays extremely well with all the children that come over or that are at the various parks we go to. She's also a great play mate for our Bengal cat - they love each other. She
  8. Hi all, Here's a quick update on Kota (Little Crow x Tonto litter 2015). She's amazing! Of course we have our typical puppy issues, but she's a fast learner. She's taken to training very well, learning most commands on the 2nd or 3rd try. She's also almost flawless on the leash now when I'm walking her (walking with the family in tow still needs some work ). Sleeps all night in her crate, and (knock on wood) is finally house trained. Every where we take her, people just love her and she loves them. I hope that the waiting list for another puppy next summer won't be too long, caus
  9. Well, we made it! She was amazing the whole ride down. Here's a few pics (sorry some are a bit out of focus but I had my hands full ) She started off in her crate, and I started off with paper napkin ear plugs haha. After she settled down, I pulled over and let her out to give her some love. She went straight for my lap and stayed there the whole rest of the trip (12 hours!). We stopped many times for exercise and potty breaks. Even took her into Starbucks a couple of times to grab a shot of espresso and hit the potty myself (Lowes once too). Oh, and I guess we're going to give her a
  10. Well, the trip is getting very close now, and I feel more then ready now thanks to you all. I've got gear and supplies that were recommended (crate, chew sticks, floorboard bedding, etc) for trip as well as a big goofy grin every time I think about meeting her, our pup, Kota. Rik, thank you for the kind offer. If it weren't such a long trip I'd take you up on it for sure. However, my daughter will be jumping out if her skin waiting for me to get home before her bedtime, so I better make it a straight line getting back. Very much appreciated though. Rest assured I'll take and post so
  11. ...and I have no doubt now that this will be the greatest drive of my life. Again, your advice is very much appreciated.
  12. Wow, such great info and ideas. Thank you all so so much!
  13. Thank you so much Allison. Just hearing that makes me feel a whole lot better. )
  14. Hi everyone, Looks like we will be getting our first AIdog soon (June 21st) - YAY! I am driving up from Los Angeles and would love to hear any advice you might have for the long (10 hours) drive home. I will be by myself unfortunately. I plan on making several stops on the way home for potty breaks and to stretch legs. I guess I am most worried about that stressful time being our first extended time together. Any thought? Many thanks in advance, David and family
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