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  1. Oh my gosh!! I was just telling my friend that I'd get a third if Shania had a litter. I adore her, plus she's my Kai's sister from a earlier litter. She is absolutely dreamy!
  2. Miz molly, your description of Tolinkas seizures described my Jesse's seizure exactly. Jesse lost bladder and bowel control, he was insecure and restless for several hours, then finally settled down and slept. Do you think they're unaware during the seizure episode?
  3. My 3 year old dog Jesse just had a grand mal seizure on June 1st at 4:30 am, it was awful. He has different parents than your Mishe. When he was under one year old he had head tremors for several days, then they stopped. I am praying he never has another seizure. Heartbreaking!
  4. Woodrat is spot on! Both my dogs go into me for security when something is intimidating them, for Kai it's when my cats argue and my Jesse gets freaked out from flies! They will press into me or crawl on my lap or behind my head if we're on the bed. I usually let them get close but I also don't really allow them to glom onto me and I definitely don't want to coddle their insecurity. And when one is overwhelming the other I always intervene.
  5. KittynDoc, LOL! Keechee sounds exactly like my Jesse… his ambition in life is to have fun. He too will play by himself if he can't get one of us to engage him and he could play ball for hours. Both boys are extremely sweet but there is an innocence about Jesse that melts my heart, even the cats rule over him! I always call them the twindians because they sleep and lay around in like positions, ALL the time!
  6. sschenck

    Aidog Smiles

    Woodrat, that first pic of Rune is GREAT! These dogs are so beautiful, they make ME smile!
  7. My dog Kai is a sheet and blanket nibbler and both my boys destroy stuffies, they chew the stitching and destuff them, neatly putting the fluff in a pile beside them! Kai has nibbled holes into "indestructible dog toys". Both my Indians are the fastest runners at the park (unless the borzoi"s happen to be there that day) and yes, the "what kind of dogs are those?" is a regular question. My Jesse is still pretty young but as soon as Kai turned 3 he became extremely watchful of us, he patrols our yard and sets himself at advantageous spots to guard us when we're all outside, and although so very
  8. I use Taste of the Wild, Wetlands formula, my dogs love it.
  9. The Kindem family! I am so happy to see a photo of them picking up their puppy!! Kim gave them my contact number and they came to my work to meet my boys last September to see what AI dogs were like. Looks like my boys made a good impression! Congratulations to all the new puppy families.
  10. That one with the white triangle marking… it looks like a beautiful snow covered mountain!
  11. sschenck


    Precisely why I carry pepper spray.
  12. My bestie (Sharlene) and I were out hiking with our 3 dogs in the back country where we live in San Diego and we came upon some mountain bikers. From a bit of a distance one of them asked where our dogs were from, I replied "Oregon" and he said "Selma?" I started laughing and said " you know about Songdog!!" He told me that he is originally from Oregon and he just recently went to see Kim at Songdog and was wanting to get on the list. His friend has an AIdog and that's how he knows about them. Hopefully after meeting our boys this encounter inspires him even more to contact Kim and get on the
  13. I have 2 boys and they are about 2 years apart. Took awhile for the older one to completely accept his little brother but now they are totally bonded, touching each other constantly. I call them the twindians. I wasn't sure if I wanted a male or female when I decided on a second one and I don't think it makes a difference with this breed, they are all fabulous!
  14. sschenck

    Goodbye Baingana

    Deepest condolences.
  15. Nice! Sand Dancer really looks like a coyote, lovely!!
  16. sschenck

    Mdr1 Gene

    Last spring my dog Jesse presented with head tremors for about 2 1/2 days, I contacted Kim to see if he had seen it in any of his other dogs and he shared that after worming one had shown a similar thing after receiving worming medication, I believe he said Ivermectin but am not positive on that. I had wormed Jesse some time before his tremors but couldn't remember exactly when. Some herding breeds carry a gene mutation called MDR1 that causes them to be extremely sensitive to some drugs (Ivermectin, Loperamide and some anti-cancer medications) and my vet suggested I have him tested to see if
  17. She is just stunning! I love when dogs have two different eye colors (heterochromia Iridis)
  18. Those eyes!!! What a beauty she is!
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