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  1. Atticus, now 3, got to hang with his older brother, Ram, 10, for a few hours at a park in Portland. They share the same dad (Choco). Atticus is out of Raven, but I can't recall who Ram's mother was. Anyway, the 10-year-old is so badass and cool, and my young guy still pretty young and foolish. It's great to see them together, and makes me even more happy about the years we have ahead together. Here are a few shots; full set available on my site at: https://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/Atticus-and-Ram/ Ram (left) and Atticus. --------------------------------------------
  2. It slays me when Atticus "rubs" his eyes at bedtime like a sleepy kid ... absolutely hilarious and endearing as heck. I think the collage idea is a great one ... and would love to find a way for us reconnect these siblings someday! y'all want to send me the photos/links, I'll gladly pull something together. Does anyone know how many pups were in this litter, and where they are these days?
  3. Great photo! Atticus and I enjoy your Instagram feed a bunch too! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Fresh photo from a walk today along the river. http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/Atticus-One-Year-Old/i-4fpL2Sx/0/XL/Atticus_riverwalk_DSC_2093-2-XL.jpg
  5. Atticus is a real talker too! Not barks or yips, but prolonged vocalizations that you'd swear are entire sentences. "But I don't want to go outside, it's raining!" It's remarkable to see how he uses his front paws/legs as hands -- way more reaching and "grabbing" than any other dog I've seen.
  6. So great to hear about his siblings! I'd love to get some photos of them and compare notes on behaviors. Nakoma's off-leash behavior exactly is like Atticus! He catches a glimpse of anything anywhere, and BOOM! he's off!
  7. This guy's been on the planet for a year (out of Raven and Choco). He's smart as the devil, and obedient, attentive, and generally awesome when tired out. Complete disdain and disregard for us when off leash another dog is in sight, and we're working hard on recall. I love this dog like crazy. So glad he's become part of our family. A few portraits taken on his birthday; more on my Web site. http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/Atticus-One-Year-Old/i-42rf9HP/0/L/Atticus_birthday--2-L.jpg http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/Atticus-One-Year-Old/i-42ZNw48/0/L
  8. Atticus (8 months old) and Scout (yes, both characters from "To Kill a Mockingbird") got together this afternoon for some romping in Scout's back yard. Atticus (the red one) was born March 20, 2015, and I think Scout was a June pup. Scout's human, Ann, was awesome to meet, and she said Kim predicted these dogs would seem to know each other, though they had never met. Couldn't have been more true - they were like old friends and connected immediately and played non-stop for 45 minutes until they were both worn out. Atticus is doing great; the occasional piddles are more more occ
  9. Beautiful! Waka really does look like our Atticus!
  10. Sorry -- I don't know enough about this posting tool to troubleshoot. All my photos of Atticus come from my Web page for him at: http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/New-Dog/ Hopefully THAT works for you! He's definitely darkening, and his eyes are more white than blue now, but they reflect whatever the dominant color in the sky is ... so they are just freaking cool as heck
  11. Three Months Old http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/New-Dog/i-kdbZZJk/0/L/atticus-three_months-9232-L.jpg http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/New-Dog/i-FgBxgP8/0/L/atticus-three_months-9244-L.jpg http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/New-Dog/i-wvk4pSb/0/L/atticus-three_months-9253-L.jpg http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/New-Dog/i-VQ95tnk/0/L/atticus-three_months-9255-L.jpg
  12. Hi everyone! This pup (out of Raven and Choco) has sure been keeping us busy. We are lucky Jen is able to take him to work with her almost every day, otherwise, I don't know how we'd manage this high-energy, too-smart-for-his-own good dog. His weight gain has slowed a bit, but the vet suspects that was due to the bad case of roundworms ... and giardia ... but it looks like he's cleared those hurdles and just got his final set of shots last week. He's taking to some commands well, loves his toys, and sleeps great every night in his crate. He's got a lot more learning to do about wa
  13. Really happy with the pictures too. Can't get him to hold still long enough for me to get more! You can see his pictures in GIANT full resolution on my Web site: http://www.paulswortz.com/Portraits/Pets/New-Dog/
  14. So neat to see the Class of Spring 2015! Anyone else in Portland?
  15. Thanks everyone! Should have mentioned: Atticus is out of Raven and Choco. He's hot and cold on leashed walks, which we will continue to work on, more assertively after he gets his second round of shots. He was born March 20, and weighed in at 9.3 pounds on May 13. Vet predicting he'll be 15 pounds by the time his next series of shots is due in 3.5 weeks. And he is a head-turner; people love puppies, but he gets more than a usual puppy's share, I think.
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