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  1. mrotko

    Gassy Dog

    Hi Everybody. Our AI dog is awesome and stinky. We've fed her 2 types of dry food now, Live Free and now Nature's Logic. Both grain free and all natural ingredients, etc. Problem is her stinky gas, it's killing me. We'll probable go raw or 1/2 raw but I'm wondering if you have found any foods that don't cause gas? Thank you Megan
  2. wondering how big Sonoma and Choco are?
  3. This page is ridiculous! So beautiful.
  4. We just received one of these pups and are IN LOVE! waiting for her name to come...
  5. Thank you for all the pictures and advice. I'm incredibly in love already!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and anticipating a new puppy. We're in Chicago and though ideally would get out to OR to pick up our pup, because of timing, I'm wondering about the shipping option. What do you know about this? Do they drug the animals for this, is it traumatic? Kim has said that it's fine, but I'm wondering what you all think. Also, what about flying with the puppy in a carrier on the plane? Thanks for any advice. Megan
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