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  1. Winter has finally arrived!
  2. How great is that????! I've often wondered what would happen if an AI dog interacted with a coyote/coyotes. I think I would still be afraid for Kaposia's safety, but you wonder.... Ever since she came into our family I've noticed such differences from any dog I've ever known....behaviors, instincts, even the way her coat smells...not like a dog at all (I compare the smell of Kaposia's coat to the smell of a good loaf of German rye bread!) She never smells "doggy" and her breath is still as sweet as the day we picked her up at the airport as a pup. There is also some kind of really strong, wond
  3. OK, no rosemary in her food or most of the treats, but the Cloud Star Tricky Trainers contain rosemary. They are very tiny and she doesn't usually get many of those, but it may be a matter of degree/volume of those she consumes. Just opened a new package of them a couple of days before the seizure. It sure would be great if eliminating that particular treat was the answer. We'll see. Thank you again!

  4. Oh wow! Thank you so much Greg! We'll be checking the ingredient lists on food and treats. One more thing to eliminate and see if it helps. Rosemary extract is showing up in so many food products. Not only is it for flavor, but I understand it also has natural preservative qualities. I myself am extremely allergic to rosemary.
  5. Well, Christmas Eve morning we were awakened by the sound of Kaposia having another seizure. That's now 3, widely spaced out in her 5 1/2 years. Always around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. Maybe related to something in the sleep cycle or circadian rhythm? Course of the seizure followed exactly miz molly's September 12 description of Tolinka's seizures. The first time this happened we went rushing in to the 24 hour emergency vet for extensive testing, x-rays, etc. and nothing abnormal was found. It is the scariest thing to watch. She always vomits a tiny amount and foams a bit. We thought we had
  6. Peace, Hope, Joy From Kaposia and her family to the AID forum family.
  7. Hey NyteBiker and Komi! Your post resonates. Komi's litter mate, our Kaposia, is slowing down a bit too. We also just had a vet visit and everything is A-OK! she is still bright eyed, loving, plays ball and frisbee, goes on walks. We're senior citizens, so her walks are and have always been WALKS, but she doesn't zoom around the back yard as often as she used to as a pup, and has just generally mellowed out a lot in the last year. As a (now senior) human, I remember when middle age hit. The energy begins to flag. Much as we would like our most beloved fur babies to stay young forever, remember
  8. Worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Well, I've been working with her indoors, and she's flawless. We've always trained with a combination of words and hand signals. She responds beautifully to both, either alone or in combination. I realize all dogs are amazingly intelligent, but Kaposia never fails to amaze. We have no problem with her stepping into her harness, or standing still to be clipped to the leash. We can let her out the door to the driveway off leash and she hops right into the van. The reward is a given, she loves her walk or an "adventure" (ride in the van.) She knows the difference between the crinkling of a potato
  10. Has anyone lost a valuable command? Last week my husband let Kaposia ignore the "come" command ONCE. Now it's totally out the window. I've tried working with her, but she's so smart! She will either totally ignore the command if she doesn't want to come, or she'll come just within a distance where you can't touch her. If she makes any attempt to come closer I do encourage, "good girl!" We worked so hard on this in class. Even the enticement of a treat is useless.What she's learned now is that she can ignore that command. Any remediation suggestions? I've tried turning my back on her and igno
  11. Yipe! Bet we all wish we knew exactly what Cake got into! Our skunk go-to is just the Dawn dish soap/hydrogen peroxide/baking soda bath. On a silly note, this spring Kaposia has taken up the sport of rolling on earthworms. Not horribly stinky or anything, but so funny to watch! Like she's been watching the robins or something. She'll sniff around the lawn, scratch the ground, then very delicately and carefully pull up an earthworm, toss it, and roll on it. (?)!
  12. Maybe Mishe is getting into something either in the house or outside. There are certain molds that will cause seizures in dogs. We learned the hard way that walnuts are a culprit. There's a mold that grows on walnuts that will cause seizures in dogs. Any walnut trees in the neighborhood?
  13. Aha...Papa Choco is still making puppies! Was wondering if he'd been retired. He's Kaposia's sire, she's one fine dog and we LOVE her so much! Looking forward to pictures of the pups....we'll see if there are more delicious chocolate coats!
  14. The Easter Bunny must think someone is a very good girl.
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