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  1. We have two boys, ages 9 and 10. Our two AIDs act very differently with them. Elena is always trying to either get snuggles or give them 'therapy' when mom and dad yell. She constantly will put herself between the boy and parent. :*) Ben on the other hand tends to amp up the energy! Play doesn't seem strong enough lol. He tends to go and push and go and push until boys and dogs are all VERY loud and jumping, rolling, running, wrestling etc. Elena will bite at Ben when he gets the boys jumping around the house. Then, both dogs hash it out with Elena always winning. Our adopted AID Tator (pr
  2. Ben's momma is such a looker!
  3. Nanette

    "wild" Dog

    When we took our dogs to the vet, they gave Clay a hard time about the breed as "not real." They wanted to list them as mixed breed. We didn't really appreciate it. Clay referred the office staff to the website and they eased up a tiny bit. Educating one person at a time...
  4. "All the owners' jaws drop when they see Coffey go!" I love it! Just goes to show the abilities of our dogs! Tayamni isn't lazy...very smart I would say...:*)
  5. I am reassured that veggies are just as important for our dogs as meat! I remember when we picked Elena up, Kim had puppy kibble with goat's milk and brocoli Sp? It was a shock and a learning experience. Thanks so much for the info! Some of you are intense on the cooking for our babies! I love the ideas!
  6. What awesome replies! I love them all and it is a fun topic. They are fast period is my thought.
  7. How fast is your dog? Have you clocked it to find out? Elena is currently running over five acres at 3o mph. She doesn't even get to breathing hard until after 10 acres. We still are a bit timid to max her out for a top sprint speed. We know miles aren't an issue. They seem to be able to run at a lope all day. All our dogs run at least 5 miles daily or they start to look unhealthy. Again, just curious to know about others.
  8. What feed are you all using? We have been mixing Wild Blue, fresh meat, and a lower level grain free brand. Our milk cow is almost to the point of giving too much, so we will add that in also. The dogs look and act healthy with no skin issues and lots of muscles! Just checking in and looking to hear what you all are feeding. :*)
  9. Nanette

    Tick Season

    Me too! Of course they would be ripped off quickly, but maybe they would look good for a few minutes. lol
  10. Nanette

    2Nd Aidog?

    Oh and I forgot to mention Ben is your pup's brother. She turned out as pretty as I thought she would. I held her a long long time the day we visited to get Ben. She is such a doll! Happy for you all
  11. Nanette

    2Nd Aidog?

    We LOVE our multiple dogs! I wouldn't change it for the world. It wasn't easy at first though. Having Elena and then getting Ben was a challenge. Elena didn't want to share cuddles from the us with Ben. She would body block, bark, growl, etc. It took lots of love and discipline to get Ben's place in our family pack. Once he was allowed love and she saw she was still loved, it was easy and happy. Elena started 'teaching' Ben how it worked around here. It was much easier to potty train him because of her. He looks to her for a model most of the time. Ben is more aggressive than Elena now (not
  12. I am sorry to hear they haven't been placed yet. Maybe we can help...be in touch....
  13. I love the fawn/gray colored ones! Beauties! Wish I was on the list!
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