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  1. Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your father's passing. I always enjoyed seeing him cruise around the ranch on his four wheeler. Wily and I send you our thoughts and love.
  2. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Tis the season...for a pupdate! Wily just turned 11 months and I can hardly believe his one year birthday is just around the corner. He is about 35 pounds, and a wiry ball of curiosity and trouble. I think we've officially entered the rebellious teenage phase as he likes to challenge with things he knows he's not allowed to do. Just the other day, he stole a pancake off the table. I took it back, sent him to bed, and laid back down. He snuck around the room, behind the chair, and started sniffing the air right next to the pancake. He looked at me, at the pancake, and then back at me. Once he d
  3. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    And two more pictures of the pup, just because he is so darn cute
  4. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Hello again! Checking in at nine months, almost to the day. My little Wily one has been living up to his name. I wonder if I almost asked for a troublemaker when I named him that. He is amazing when it comes to adventuring off-leash, following me around if I am on foot or on bike. As long as we are moving, we feed off each other so well. I let him scope out the front, and make sure he is paying attention to me time to time by hiding behind trees occasionally or changing directions. He always comes back and finds me. On leash, however, it is a whole other story. Does anyone have any advice for
  5. Love the collars and the concept of having the name tags lay flat
  6. Happy 1st birthday from Wily and me! Can't wait for the gathering so they chase each other around again
  7. Wow that was beautiful...and heart-wrenching...and beautiful again
  8. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    And...we're back! I stole two weeks to myself, packed up my pup and my car, and hit the road. Leaving from Oregon, I think we traversed over 2,000 miles throughout the Pacific Northwest, cruising through Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Wily was a road warrior, sleeping blissfully in the car for the long hauls and waking up with such sprite when it came time for adventure. I've read about how and why to establish a good routine for your dog, but the only routine I want in my life is a lack of one and Wily seemed to do just fine with that. He seemed pretty happy with life on the roa
  9. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Wily got a new ride this week...found an old bob trailer on craigslist and sewed a liner for it so his head/paws/tail can't fall out. We've been cruising around the neighborhood getting him used to it. So far, so good!
  10. Alyssa

    Meet Shiloh

    My pup Wily is the best when he is off leash and in the woods! It's where he is happiest. They are natural trail dogs
  11. Alyssa

    Introducing Anoki

    Just read through Anoki's puppy development! I do believe him and Wily have the same Dad and I can see some striking similarities in build, markings, and stubbornness. What a cutie. Can't wait to bring Wily back to SDK- let's make sure they get a play date when I do.
  12. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Got a little crafty this week and made him his very first dog bed...and bow tie I used remnants of an old fence to build the frame, and bought some outdoor fabric to cover a piece of memory foam I had. I think his bed is comfier than mine now. Quick pup-date: Made progress on Wily's poop eating problem! I started throwing in more puppy appropriate human food- turkey, chicken, egg, etc.- into his food and he hasn't eaten any poop (to my knowledge) the past three or four days. Maybe his dry food just wasn't cutting it. Off for a camping adventure. I think we are going pack raftin
  13. You guys looks so happy together!
  14. Alyssa

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Greetings! Here are two pictures of me and and my boy from our most recent hike. We drove out to Jefferson Lake trail head and did an excursion. I've been teaching him to cross logs and streams- he is my trail dog in training. He needs to be able to go wherever I go- up mountains and across rivers! I have him off leash for most of the hikes usually, and he does a good job sticking near me, although this is probably because he is still young enough to need me for protection. My favorite thing to do is hop onto some rocks or island in a shallow section of a river and see him desperately problem
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