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  1. HI:  It's been forever.  I don't know if this site is working or not.  It seems a bit strange.  But, just wanted to wish all the pups a Happy National Dog Day.  .... haven't made any videos in a while, but here is an oldie/goodie of Nakoma jumping around.  :)  


  2. I know I'm late to the party, but wow, this is such an interesting thread. I've never heard coyotes singing in the wild, as I don't live anywhere near them. It's interesting to read how each of your dogs react differently to them. I wish I could introduce my Nakoma to those sounds (safely). I wonder how he would react. Would he instinctively know that those sounds are not from a dog? So interesting.
  3. HI Everyone! Hoping all are well. I know it's been over a year since last posting. It's been one heck of a year, as I'm sure everyone can attest to! I have a question... My Nakoma is only 5 years old (can't believe he's 5 already, wow, but 5 is still so young). He has been my running buddy since day 1, lol. It was around 18 months that I started adding distance to his runs. And we've been fine... we run 5 to 7 days a week and all different distances (most being 18 miles, but we haven't done that distance since I was pregnant for my now 22 month-old) and he is just always so super
  4. Nakoma has really taken on the role of being a big brother!
  5. NyteByker

    Aidog Smiles

    That one of Rune is hilarious!!
  6. NyteByker

    Nearly 3!!!

    Zuni is Adorable! Happy early birthday to Zuni! ...Though he's not a sibling, my Nakoma is not a snuggler either. And he also talks a lot! (We call him Chewbacca because of how he sounds). These dogs are surely unique! Love them!!!
  7. Happy 4th Birthday, Puppadoos!!!!
  8. https://www.pressherald.com/2019/03/11/musher-loses-iditarod-lead-when-he-yells-at-a-dog-and-they-all-quit/
  9. Just being silly. Nakoma and his BFF Knut
  10. https://www.glowdoggie.com/home-mobile.html I like them better than the USB chargeable ones that always break. These collars are great!!! And waterproof (as long as they're set up correctly). And they are so bright that you can see them from quite a distance!!
  11. Nakoma is an everything sniffer... eyes, mouth, butt, crotch, grocery bags, poo, dead fish, carcasses, rocks, shells, crabs... the list goes on. Haha. We can also add baby-spitup to the list. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I'm lucky to have the family that I have, and I'm so grateful that Nakoma is in it. He's the most unique dog I've ever known and loved. That's for sure! Here's a picture of him sporting his light up collar during sunrise.
  12. Didn't mean for this to be a therapy session...
  13. Hello everyone! Sixteen weeks and a day ago (10/30/18), Nakoma and Atlas (my husband's service dog from K9s for Warriors) became big brothers to our little baby boy, Jaime. I was nervous about how they would react, but for the most part, things are going great! Nakoma follows Jaime everywhere. One day, Jaime was crying in his crib, and Nakoma was sure to let me know that I wasn't getting to him fast enough (I was in the bathroom for goodness sake)!!! It's wonderful seeing how attentive and protective he instinctively is of the baby. Atlas is curious about Jaime too, but his job i
  14. Lake Girl, you are right! .... Is Atticus a littermate too? I can't remember. Great shot of Zephyr. I showed my daughter and for a second, she thought it was Nakoma! :-)
  15. Thank you Sherab. And thank you, too, Oocahtah. I know they do not have a mean bone in their body. I just see them already competing for attention between themselves, and I just hope that they don't see this new little one as one they can compete with too. Nakoma has alerted me once to a baby crying once when we stayed a friend's house; kind of in the same manner as you explained it with the "why aren't you moving" urgency. So that is comforting. I also know for sure that we will not be cutting out their exercise time, so their energy will be spent for sure (as will mine, lol).
  16. Hello All! Lots of changes happening. My daughter, Nakoma and I have moved into my fiance's (Jeff) house who has service dog named Atlas ... Nakoma and Atlas get along great (Atlas is an American Dingo... which is awesome); they are the best of friends. One of the hard parts is that Atlas always has to be with Jeff, so when we are leaving the house, Nakoma has to stay and watch us leave with Atlas. Nakoma is fine when we get home, but when we leave, it kills me to see Nakoma watch us leave without him. I'm sure he does not understand. Jeff and I learned a month ago that we are go
  17. I might get backlash for this, but I used a bark collar for Nakoma when he was a puppy because of his barking. After a few days, no more unwanted barking. And haven't used the bark collar since. He's three years old now. He only now barks when he is playing with his dog friends, or if there are Intruders on our property. Other than that and his adorable Chewbacca sounds when communicating or playing with us, he is a quiet boy, and allows me to sleep in until 5:15.
  18. This was probably cruel, but I held Nakoma tight to me and just walked into the bay when he was just several months old. (He's 3 now). He squirmed a lot that first time. I let him go when I was chest deep, and he had no choice but to swim back to land (wasn't that far; I'm only 5 feet tall). Fast forward ten minutes from that moment, and the water became a part of his life. We are on the beach almost every morning, all year long. He runs in and out of the water (even when the temps are in the teens, against my wishes... the crazy boy) and chases his toys or his canine pals. When we're no
  19. Interceptor Plus (heartwor) and Bravecto (fleas and ticks); I keep Nakoma on them all year long. Even though we get cold snowy winters, our town is frequented a lot by tourists, and you never know what their dogs have, so I won't take "time off" the prevention pills. (We only just started the Bravecto in January, which is a once every three months pill. So he's only had three pills so far, and doesn't seem to have any problems with it).
  20. Lol! It counts in my book, Sherab!!!
  21. Wow!! That's amazing, Miz Molly!
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