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  1. Who doesn't love an AIDog amongst blooming Grace Ward! Beautiful picture!
  2. Ron and I put a tick tock clock in with Pico to simulate his mom's heart beat. This worked very well for him.
  3. Love that shot of Chepi.....he looks full of mischief already
  4. What!? A sleeping AI pup! It can't be so! Pure sweetness
  5. Haven't been on the forum for so long. Thought I would share the antics of our DLX, Dodger and Pico Pico has 4 DLX cats to deal with and for the most part, they get along pretty well. Also want to add that I absolutely am in love with our little pup! He's well over a year but he will always be my puppy. He is the sweetest, gentlest little guy I've ever known. I don't mind that he is leaning against the back of my legs, laying at my feet or between my knees as I stand in the kitchen and cook. He is such a joy. Everyone that sees him makes such a fuss about his beauty. Sometime they
  6. She's really getting the face shape of an AIDog! Guess we've lucked out with Pico. He loves his car kennel and is such a good little traveler. He does ride in the front with me in my Jeep. I have a blanket for him and he usually lays curled up. The pennies sound like a good idea. Take away her attention from barking.
  7. The 2015 BBQ yesterday was so fun. Great food...oh those burgers! Great seeing everyone and watching the dogs play. Of course getting a good puppy fix is always good for the soul. This little 8wk girl is out for the count.
  8. Loved those pictures you've shared. Pico's eyes' were that deep deep blue as well and since then have also gone white. Atticus is lucky to be in a fenced yard. We will be putting in an invisible fence for Pico soon. Keep those pictures coming!
  9. The 5 second rule is quick and easy Place the back of you hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it there for 5 seconds, it's too hot to walk your dog
  10. The beautiful relationship we have with our animals wonderfully portrait.
  11. That's really nice of you Rik Allison....you're funny. We took Pico to our hotel room after having dinner with Kim and Arlene. The first night he slept without a peep, mostly because he just got his shots. I thought, what's all the fuss about these dogs crying. The second night in a hotel room was a different story. That was an experience in it's self with all the hoot and hollering he was doing! He was quiet during the car ride in his crate and pretty much slept. We had a clock with him for a long time and lots of things to chew. He goes in a crate in Ron's truck and I have him bu
  12. Oh, I would listen to your vet. Pico didn't go to a dog park until he was 17 weeks. I wasn't aware of not letting him out until 10 days after those shots! "Pocket Dingo"? Where did you hear that term? We get all sorts of comparisons with Pico. I make sure they know none of the breeds they mention are in him.
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