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Tex last won the day on September 16 2014

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    enjoying life in many forms...grandparent, travel, reading, walking, etc.
  1. Tex

    Teen Terror

    I don't mean funny he ruined your plants, just that you got the vege one...
  2. Tex

    Teen Terror

    That's really funny, because I have been vegetarian for almost 40 yrs....lol
  3. Tex

    Teen Terror

    We have been having some rainy days here and this last week, my girl moonfire has brought in 3 baby birds to eat under my bed. She is such a great huntress...lol Nor does she think sharing is a good idea when I take the whole thing from her.
  4. Tex

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Please come to Texas and meet moonfire to train her....lol have fun with him. He is gorgeous
  5. Tex

    Teen Terror

    You all give me such hope and great laughs...thank you I am feeling the support and your kindness. Yes, cuddle bug, headstrong...I relate totally. If I get up towards Dallas, I will check in with you and see if it is a good time to visit...thank you all for the joy.
  6. Tex

    Teen Terror

    She may not look like it, but miss moonfire is proving so hard to house train. She is convinced that the place I go is where she is supposed to go...only I can't get her to lift the lid... Walking is still a struggle for the first mile and half... but it's not all on her...I haven't had much time to train her, my husband, Dennis became ill in Dec. and passed Mar 27. here he is with our other dog, I hope to get her to some type of training soon. Counting on her intelligence to catch on quick...lol
  7. Tex

    Shipping A Puppy?

    I flew with Moonfire in plane and gave her a mild puppy sedative from Petsmart...and she did sleep on the plane, but it was a very long flight with layover and it wore off in between....oh the noise and howling...plus reccommend diapers. Change in restroom ok
  8. Tex


    Yup spring is here fully...I so love Texas...lol
  9. Some of this week's pics for moonfire. Her usual position is on my feet or thereabouts Her coat is darker and turning curly-ish, wiry? This was her first coat coloring...so, what is next? lol
  10. Moonfire has just been spayed this week and she is doing phenomenally well. No soreness noticed, leaves it alone and plays like normal. She is still picking on Bertie, but not leaving quite so many teeth marks. argh Her coat has changed again. Will send pics soon.
  11. Happy New Year and May Spirit's blessings define your every moment.
  12. Happy New Year to all. Well, my beloved and I are not late night people...so we are all sound asleep, snuggled in our down comforter and flannel everything, when...the fireworks start at midnight...in 1/2 second I have a terrified Moonfire and Bertie both on my head. Then, she is racing around the bed, crying and pees on it when they get really going...ahhhhh, so much for not thinking about what happens around here. Meanwhile, my beloved is doing the manly holler, to "control the situation". NOT! lol I had just gotten confident enough to remove the pee pads. lol Soooo, after abo
  13. So unique and gorgeous. Welcome
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