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  1. Thanks all for the support and continued great ideas! Sounds like many of you have taken doggy care to a higher level...I'm finding that it is very satisfying to put effort into feeding my beloved fur baby more delicious, nutritious food...she used to just sort of poke at her bowl of dry kibble (understandably!). Now she eats with gusto and is getting healthy again! KittyNDoc, what did you mean by food grade DE?
  2. Hi All Just wanted to update everyone as to what's going on with Sita...in a word, she is doing much better! I kept her on chicken rice for a good month, but she was still having bouts of diarrhea, luckily with no blood but she would still often be woozy, desperate to eat grass and seeming very nauseous. Also, farting so much and with such a bad smell, which had never been the case before. Then it hit my intuition strong one day a couple of weeks ago: stop giving her probiotics! I had been dilligently following the vets advice and giving her a packet of Fortiflora each day in he
  3. Gosh Everyone. I am deeply moved and grateful for all of the thoughtful, kind, wise responses here. Me and Sita are feeling the love. I apologize for not getting on sooner to update you...Between work, taking care of Sita, and house projects it's been a crazy busy time. Shortly after I first wrote we ended up at the vet again. They gave her subcutaneous fluids, a shot of some antibiotic, and recommended keeping her on chicken rice (as several here have suggested) and basically doing what you folks have been saying, but with much less detail...keeping her on a special diet, and it's pro
  4. Thank you so much. I'm a little embarassed that I was not more accurate when I stated what I was feeding her: Taste of the Wild is it, and she has tolerated and even thrived on it in the past. I love the idea of getting this batch tested; I'm pretty sure that both incidents have occured within the time frame of using this one large bag. I will keep you all posted
  5. Hi Everyone Turning to this forum for help because the vets are not so far able to figure this one out. Two weeks ago after bouts of diarrhea that had been off an on for several weeks, I was horrified to see purple tarry bloody goo coming out of Sita's behind. Of course I rushed her to the vet. They x-rayed her belly for obstructions, and tested her blood and stool. No parasites, worms, or abnormalities were detected. $800 and an overnight later (thank goodness for pet insurance!!!) they sent her home with antibiotics and instructions to feed her plain chicken and white rice unti
  6. Awwwww I love it Denise... "A dainty darling girl" for sure! As for presence, I would say it's quite large...she definitely has streaks of bossy and confident in her...while not really an alpha, she is relentlessly and hilariously submissive and does not take kindly to being messed with for those who would mistake her friendliness for pushoverness!
  7. Ha yes the optical illusion AI dog! Allison Sita is just 29 pounds...I agree she looks bigger in this picture! And Tervlab the same thing happens with Sita all the time...people who have seen her on Facebook nearly always think she is bigger than she is...it's funny, when she's curled up she looks like a quite small dog, when she is stretched out she is so long and lithe and graceful. She's the littlest big dog. Or vice versa. Small enough to sit in my lap, big enough to run with the big boys and girls. Perfect (of course I would say that lol!)
  8. Hey NorCal I live in Humboldt County, near Arcata. Are you indeed in Walnut Creek? That's 5 hours away or I'd say let's get our dogs together to play!
  9. Oh goodness the wait for the AI pup... Probably the longest, most frustrating, stretched out piece of time I've experienced since I was 12 years old waiting to be able to open my christmas presents. We are, as adults in America, used to being able to get what we really want, when we want it for the most. I experienced many moments (and folks on this forum can vouch for this!) of frustration, questioning, and doubt...with so many beautiful dogs in the world available RIGHT NOW, why am I waiting?! Etc. Well, I made it through, like everyone else, and eventually I got the call.
  10. I had some experiences with Sita that I feel moved to share here. Sita is very much her own dog, and it seems like she loves everybody. We've gotten closer and closer over time, and this last week I was shown just how important I am to her in a way that melted my heart. She is an able, if not particularly enthusiastic swimmer. Mostly she likes to splash around where she can stand in water, but she has been willing to swim across a river if that is the way we are hiking together. She does not swim for fun, not yet. I was at a local swimming hole on the Mad River twice this week,
  11. Thank you NyteByker! And Allison I know what you mean...it was a real treat to meet you too
  12. The dog races were epic! So fun, thanks Meadow's Family for putting them on!
  13. Sri

    Sita Flower

    Hi Denise! Sri here I was able to visit Song Dog on my way out of the gathering, only a couple miles away, and more than anything I wanted to re-meet and pay my respects to Tonka and Choco, Sita's mom and dad. It turns out that Tonka is not a breeder any more, Greg told me that she was so independent and a bit difficult to work with, and Kim told me he re-homed her after her second litter. I did get to meet Choco, and he had Sita's slightly wide set eyes and her baseline chocolate color for sure. He is very friendly and lovable, I liked his personality a lot. I've always reckoned
  14. Sri

    Sita Flower

    Carolyn it was so great to meet you both...Ayita and Sita, sweet sisters of the small-ish AI dog tribe! Ayita is uniquely pretty I think!
  15. Sri

    Sita Flower

    Hi everyone. Sita Flower here It's been a long time since I wrote, I know. I was busy hanging out with my adopted pack at Greg's house in Oregon while my dad was hiking around the Himalayas and stuff, and since he got home we've been pretty busy. But I'm pretty photogenic and I wanted to share some of the good stuff we've been doing. I'm a pretty happy girl, I especially am a little bit loony for catching frisbees. Here I am in between catches We like to do that at Moonstone Beach...dad thought this one turned out extra good. I do look like a little golden goddess here don't I? Loo
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