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    Hanging out at Song Dog Kennels and learning from Kim. I am a life long Chicago Cubs fan and a Chicago Bears fan. If I am not at Song Dog Kennel, you can catch me at Lake Selmac Bass fishing or on the Rogue River Steelhead and/or Salmon fishing.

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  1. Hey folks, I want to pass along some information from another owner with a younger pup who was having seizure issues. After working with thier vet, they determined that the dog food (Royal Canin) they were feeding their pup contained rosemary extract. It appears as if the rosemary extract was the trigger to the seizures. This owner said that her pup has so far been seizure free since changing the puppy diet.
  2. Very nice picture. Merry Christmas.
  3. New owners, Dwight and Jessie from Oregon, picked up their first AI pup.
  4. New owner, Margie, flew out from Mississippi to pick up her first AI pup.
  5. Eva and her husband, from Washington, came down to pick up their first AIDOG pup.
  6. Matthew, from Oregon, came down to SOng Dog Kennels to pick up his first AIDOG pup.
  7. Beau, from Minnesota, flew out to pick up his second AIDOG pup.
  8. Wendy and her family from Oregon, came down to pick up their second AIDOG pup.
  9. Sam, with his first AIDOG from Oregon, came down to pick up their second AIDOG pup.
  10. Gabrielle and her husband came up from southern California to pick up theri first AIDOG pup.
  11. Matthew and his daughter from Oregon picked up their first AIDOG pup.
  12. Laurie, from Oregon, picked up her first AIDOG pup.
  13. Rayelen and her daughter, from Illinois, flew out to Song Dog Kennels to pick up their first AIDOG pup.
  14. Konstantinos, from Massachusetts, and his family with their first AIDOG and their new puppy.
  15. New 2020 Fall AI pup owner Keith Cox 2nd tracking / search and rescue dog - Pennsylvania
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