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  1. Sounds like a great adventure! I would love to do that one day!
  2. Jay had heartworm at one point in his life. It was treated but he had some health issues related to that. He lived his last couple months with us and I can tell you that he was very happy. He absolutely loved having a doggie door and having Boone and Houston to hang out with. He was spoiled and loved by all...and he gave just as much love in return!
  3. Haha our neighbors know we're crazy, so it's ok! Lots of barking and howling here at our house, and when the nextdoor neighbor stops over she always starts a howl with them. Boone and Houston start every single morning with a howl. Boone is never happy until he gets the whole pack included. He is glued to our side these days and getting lots and lots of love and attention. I kind of figured it's just like human grief, we have to work our way through it. Nick bought an agility jump and plans to start working with him on that. He loves to learn and that may help to occupy his mind and keep
  4. Boone is struggling with the loss of Jay Silverheels. They barked together at people on the sidewalk and howled together in the morning. Jay spent a lot of time sleeping in our closet the last couple weeks and Boone would go in and lay down beside him. Now he goes in there by himself and looks so sad. He's always been a sensitive boy. What have you done to help your dog grieve? By the way, a new puppy is not an option due to nearly $1000 in vet bills over the last 2 months.
  5. She is beautiful. I promise it will be worth it in the long run! Our Boone was a difficult puppy and he is the best dog ever now. We can't even believe such a defiant puppy became such a loving and loyal companion. Remember that a squirt bottle set to stream is your best friend. It's the quickest way to communicate unacceptable behavior!
  6. We have 2 of Jay's pups and live just North of Dallas. We would love to invite your brother and his family to bring Jay over. I'm betting he would love some AID play time! Could you message me his contact information if he's interested.
  7. They have one at the daycare/boarding facility we use and the dogs love it
  8. Oh I knew that! I don't know where I got that fall part from! Duh...
  9. You'd hardly recognize Boone these days. He has matured into quite the responsible and well behaved dog, there were days I didn't think I'd ever say that! Houston has been a breeze of a puppy! She is happy go lucky and easy as can be. After Boone, I think we deserved that
  10. Tayamni and Coffey arrived last weekend and have spent the week with us. Taymani, Boone and Houston are all Azteca X Jay Silverheels pups. Tayamni and Boone were litter mates in the fall 2014 and Houston was born spring 2015. Coffey is from the Nozie X Tonto fall 2015 litter. We have a YouTube video of the pictures we've taken so far.
  11. I'll send you a message with some dates and if the weather cooperates we can get them together. I know Boone and Houston would love it, they haven't met a dog (or cat, or rabbit, or bird...) they didn't love to play with.
  12. Zephyr has so much personality! If you ever want to have a mini AID reunion let me know. We're in Little Elm and have a big fenced in yard where they could get to know each other. There are 2 more in the Allen area (Kito and Bandit) and we'll be lucky enough to have Denise E and Kelli visiting with their 2 AID (Tayamni and Coffey) in June!
  13. Coffey was an adoraboe puppy and he has turned out to be a really handsome "big dog"! We can't to meet him in a few months. In picture #28 he looks a lot like Boone! The four dogs are going to have a blast together!
  14. For Boone it goes beyond the marking, but he is territorial with other males. We have worked for months to help him learn to calm himself & bring that energy to a manageable level in social situations. He's making great progress and we couldn't be happier about that. As he continues to mature we expect that to continue to improve. When he's around males at daycare & boarding, and playing with family & friends' male dogs it's very difficult, if not impossible, for him to manage that energy. We've all observed that he doesn't have that same intensity when around female dogs. He
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