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  1. Probably only worth A cent?!?!?!?! lol
  2. wow! I live on a small farm and my dogs are with me most all the time! They sleep next to me or with a kid on there beds. I Never have used or needed a Kennel ? I currently Have a dog in my custody that a Fellow AI dog owner gave up after four years due to his inability to learn enough to give his Poor boy what he needed. That was Love!!!!!! then direction with exercise!!!!! they can read your body language pretty Good! (stay consistent !) So I was told how he was a bitter and would run off into the sunset unable to be caught. HE had Three Professionals work with this dog and all said it was
  3. wow your girl would be sister to my Elena! and yes very smart! mine is my sons therapy dog.
  4. Clay805

    One Year Ago

    Had to post This pic Of my Co-Pilot!
  5. A little blurry but Ben is really moving and Smiling in this pic!
  6. First off I am a country person on a small farm! I believe my girl would be this way if I made her stay locked up away from me, she is with me most of the day but as a farmer I am around to have her with me most of the time! Dogs make messes and that is something I feel one needs to learn to live with. My Elena has learned that she can't always be with me and she still barks! but She knows it will be ok! they are a pack animal and so am I ! lol my dogs sleep on my bed until they get in the way then I kick them off and they go find a kids bed to crawl into! So understanding what a pack animal n
  7. Tonto was a character when I was around him for a couple days! so Hopefully theses pups will have some of that! along with there Nice momma !
  8. Elena is also a wonder around kids!
  9. It was really magical! On the last morning around 4 a.m. I was waking up when I heard a mid size critter out side my tent within 15 yards or so? close enough for my hunter ear to catch it. this was followed by three of the deepest Howls I have ever heard!! Now this is where this story gets different!……. My Elena who doesn't like any coyote ,and will bark at them when they are miles away making a fuss did not wake up! Nor did both my boys! but my wife did!!!! later in the morning when others where up I started asking everyone around if they heard the amazing howls? and no one did…… This was On
  10. I have a Sock Goblin! must be genetic?
  11. The other hen seems to not be with it? She is of a slightly larger breed called Narragansett Turkey and my Tom is a chocolate . We had two other Narragansett hens but lost Them to the elements? One had a nest ready to hatch and the weather got hot and she wouldn't leave the nest she made in the sun ,and I found her cold sitting on the nest. Much earlier than that the other Narragansett was flying down from are one lonely pine! and hit her head on a branch causing her to lose the ability to walk or function. Turkeys have had there challenges! Perhaps I should stick with Four legged critters? T
  12. Just to clear the water, I call the momma turkey Momma Chocolate because She is from the Heritage breed "Chocolate turkey"
  13. An Elena Update: (from the Alfa) Elena continues to patrol the momma turkey and the baby who was named Peeps! Any time she leaves the house the first thing she does is go look for momma chocolate and peeps! However momma chocolate is done with elena checking on her and Now! chases poor elena every time she checks in, Elena runs side ways with her tail between her legs,(she is so Fast) and peeps learning to fly is right behind momma! It really is a funny site to see! I love My little dog!
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