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  1. Hello everyone, I thought I would share with you Nakoma's photos that where published in the 2019 Search Dog Calendar made by www.sarshop.com The calendar features dogs from 30 Search and Rescue Teams across the country, and with Nakoma's good looks our team was one of them (Pennsylvania Wilderness Search and Rescue) Nakoma has become known as the "poster dog", always striking a pose or smiling for the camera.
  2. Last week after 3 years Nakoma got to meet one of his brothers from his litter, Shiloh. Along with their new Puppy Ryder. They had an awesome time together and was the first time Nakoma had another dog who could keep up with him! Will follow up with more pics but this one was my favorite!
  3. Sorry I missed the Birthday, have not been on here in a long time. Happy Birthday to all of Nakoma's brothers and sisters.
  4. Forgot to upload the photo of Nakoma after his test.
  5. This week Nakoma and I traveled from Pennsylvania to Tennessee for the International Police Working Dog Association Nationals for training and certification. We did not thing Nakoma was going to be able to test since he was the youngest and as a team the newest members of the association. I was going to follow behind another dog who was testing to experience how a test is ran and see other dogs work. Unfortunately this dog was unable to to pick up the scent so his test had to be called off. The master trainer turned to me and told me to get Nakoma, you are going to run this track. So I ran bac
  6. His training is going great, with a mind of his own it offers some challenges but also makes him work on his own better. All the other dogs we work with are German Shepherds from strong working lines with a high toy drive that makes it very easy to train. Nakoma on the other hand could care less about a toy or even food, so it is night and day between the two types of dogs. Nakoma truly loves the hunt and working a track with lots of praise at the end from his victim so this is his reword. Right now we are up to mile long tracks that have been aged at lease 4 hours from the time the tra
  7. A few new photos of Nakoma. My cat dose not normal go outside and was not happy about the snow, so Nakoma followed him around licking the snow off of his head.
  8. This is not AI Dog related but though some of you might like this movie and search dogs. www.searchdogmovie.com How it dose connect to AIDogs is the star of this movie will be training with Nakoma and I on his search and rescue trailing certification in April. Nakoma has been working very hard to follow in his fathers footsteps (Jay Silver Heels) to become a search and rescue dog. The SearchDog movie Facebook page just shared a video of Nakoma working a trail in one of our trainings. Check it out! SearchDog Movie FB: www.facebook.com/searchdogmovie/?pnref=story you can also find his vi
  9. I have found people who are more in touch with the spite world alway have something positive to say when they meet Nakoma, these dogs really do have something about them that is unique! One of the most common things people say about Nakoma is "It feels like he is looking into my soul" At first I thought is was a weird thing for them to say but then more and more people said the same thing. For so many random strangers to say the same exact words I have to believe there is some truth to it. And the fact that I swear he can read my mind at times only adds to my belief there is a l
  10. That is too funny, it sounded like you where describing Nakoma. I also have two cats, the one bullies Nakoma but always want to lay with him. Nakoms jumps up and finds a new spot or tries to lay with the other cat but that one is scared of Nakoma and always runs. It is a never ending game. He is also very independent and have been having a hard time keeping him close. Love seeing his brothers and sisters, Nakoma is like no other dog but seems to be identical to all his AI Dog relatives.
  11. Some more photos of Nakomas adventures. Snow, camping and yes he sat on my lap wile tubbing down a river. Nakoma's "safe spot" or favorite spot is on my shoulders, in that photo my cat managed to lay up there with him.
  12. No not sure if I can get it to show up, here is the you youtube link... https://youtu.be/Uh0cHaFhkaY
  13. Fun little video I made of Nakoma, this was at a disaster training center and Nakoma's first time ever on an agility course. I am pretty sure he thinks he is a cat, loves to climb everything he can.
  14. I have also thought to myself the very same things! This breed is just a perfect specimen of a dog!
  15. Yesterday was Nakoma's first birthday. Happy Birthday to the rest of his Litter. I am sure they are all just as amazing as Nakoma has been! Now that he is one he will be testing for his therapy dog certification and at 18 month he will be able to test for his search and rescue tracking certification. So although I hate to see him get older it is amazing to see how far along he has grown from a pup!
  16. Happy Birthday! I have what looks like his twin brother from the same litter, Nakoma.
  17. That was in the outer banks on NC. He is doing great! Natural tracker, really picking it up fast! its a game to him and loves the hunt and finding people! I have another cat that is the same way with him, Nakoma tries so hard to play with him but he just runs away.
  18. Here are some updated photos of Nakoma. I see there is a new litter from Azteca X Jay Silver Heels. I would love to see more pictures of Nakomas brothers and sister, Please share!!
  19. Thanks for eveyones replays, it is great hearing about his litter mates! I have also been working very hard with his overly excited and love for other people and animals. He has improved a lot, even tuck him out to eat for for the first time this week to a local place with outside seating. I couldn't have been more proud of Nakoma and how well her behaved! he was put tot he test with another dog on one side of us and a table full of young kids being kids on the other side. Within 5 mins he relaxed and laid by my side the hole time. These dogs amaze me every day!
  20. The GSD is my fathers so he is not around her 24/7 But he has become very close with her and has lunch with her every day. I have a family business and Nakoma comes to work with me every day. My dad takes Nakoma home with him for lunch to play with Lucy the GSD. Nakoma has brought new life into Lucy who is 13 and slow getting around, but plays like a young girl again thanks to Nakoma. His energy leave is at the highest when he is playing with her, he's a mad name running at top speed bouncing from couch to flying through the air. I feel he is more of a calm temperament dog but hard to say thro
  21. Hi everyone, I have not been on here for a long time and wanted to post an update on Nakoma. I could go on and on about how great he is but ill just post a bunch of pics to show you. Yes he was in a cast for a few weeks but recovered perfectly from a broken toe. Have no Idea how he managed to brake it. I would be very interested to see how his brothers and sisters are doing! feel free to post your pics of Azteca x Jay's litter.
  22. Nakoma got to meet Snake today and had a blast playing with another AI Dog.
  23. Sorry I did not post this sooner I have been absolutely overwhelmed with this amazing puppy! I am not 100% on him name but pretty sure I will be sticking with Nakoma (meaning is Great Warrior or Great spirit) Nakoma's Mother is Azteca and father is Jay. He has been extremely well behaved and has not left my side since he has been home. and by side I mean under my feet. He is just finishing up his first day at work with me and was amazingly well behaved! This has been a long journey from the day I called Kim and ask to get on the list to the first night he came home but it has been worth every
  24. I also got the best news this week and have my new puppy flying in today at midnight. After waiting months this last 24 hours has been the hardest! So excited to get him home.
  25. That is awesome news! Sure hope one of them will be coming home to me.
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