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Everything posted by mommom

  1. A whole wonderful box of choco(late)s!
  2. The tile has a "patina" if you will of doggie paw prints
  3. My back yard is a mudpit/lake from all the rain and snow and melt. Two dogs running + all that = muddy feet and muddy carpets. Is THAT what Spring looks like? Ohhhhhh. Yaaaaaay. Can you see me smiling? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/43/d3/20/43d3206914673b37f7ead127e30a496a.jpg
  4. mommom

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Such a sweetheart! Welcome aboard!
  5. Bandit has gotten better, but is also very protective - barks at every airplane, bird, even barked at the snow coming down this past week. When we first brought him home, he barked at the TV, the air conditioning, and STILL barks if my stomach growls.
  6. I've been extremely lucky with Kito - I found *4* teeth. I keep them in my mother's ring dish just as she used to keep my teeth.
  7. Denise E. said: Funny, Benadryl is probably the safest medication I know of as far as few side effects. I agree - Lucky had very sensitive ears and took Benadryl by the boatload for years. Not a single problem ever. After all, this is also the same ingredient in most sleep medicines and many allergy medicines too. You won't go wrong if using a Benadryl here and there if you need a gentle sedative or allergy relief (human or AID.)
  8. I'm so so sorry to hear. ;( We all cry with you.
  9. LOL I didn't know that's what that picture was, I thought maybe he was stalking. How FUNNY!
  10. ohhh yes. The burgers were great, courtesy of Nick!
  11. What was even funnier with the picture of Boone where he backed his rear up Tim's lap and sat down was that he didn't stop there. He picked up his front paws one by one and balanced them on Tim's legs and put himself fully up on Tim's legs and balanced himself there! LOL It was a great moment and I'm so glad it got captured! We swear Boone is going to grow up to look just like Bandit. The coloring looks exact. Boone wasn't the only one who played hard and crashed almost immediately after (and most of the next day.) That was the best thing we could ever have done for all three of t
  12. mommom

    Talking Ai Dogs...?

    I used to. Luck-luck could say "mama" and "I want one." I'll get my sweetie to help me post the video.
  13. Ah well, I was afraid that was the case. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my 2014 one!
  14. Just wondering if there will be new calendars for this year or if I have totally missed a memo somewhere? How about for next year?
  15. LOL your cat has the ninja skill common to many cats, commonly referred to in our household as the "turbo swat"
  16. It is a pretty brilliant idea, actually! We may be copying it shortly (with permission of course) or going the retail route, not sure which when you-know-who has his you-know-what. I suppose a rolled up (and around) fleece blanket or equivalent might work too in place of the carpet? As long as the duck/duct tape component is in full effect.
  17. Any of #'s 3, 4, or 5 could be dog of the month! Beautiful!
  18. mommom


    Such a sweet mama...all the mamas have this sweet, wizened look. I can't imagine why that would be.
  19. mommom


    The Lone Ranger was just going off the the other day and it scrolled by and my sweetie and I looked at each other and went
  20. mommom


    Speaking of Jay Silverheels...just to make sure everyone knows this - does everyone know the origin of Jay's name?
  21. Lucky (AID, 75 lbs., shown at left) used to pounce on Hobbes (Cat, ~12 lbs.) and would literally pin him under one paw, wagging like "Isn't this fun??" while he squeaked, clearly unhappy with the particular chosen form of "play."
  22. To answer the "should I get on the waiting list now?" question, YES! Think of it this way -if you get to that point of getting the call again and find you're just not ready, then simply pass. But if you are, you have set yourself up perfectly!
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