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Everything posted by mommom

  1. Thank you Allison for posting our boys (And making poster boys of them)!
  2. Precious and wonderful pictures!! What a character! Can't wait to meet him!!! So excited!!
  3. Who doesn't love Friday?
  4. And I believe Boone may be the first AID ever to be in not quite two pics of the month, but April and June! What a celebrity!
  5. So wonderful to see others able to get together and the resulting happy pics. Thank you for sharing! 3rd one's my fave.
  6. Wow does that one on the right (in the pic on the right) give me a clear picture of what Kito will look like in a few years!
  7. I'm trying to convince my sweetie we need a 3rd!! Always room in our hearts for more AIDs!!
  8. OMG, such brilliant eyes!!! Unbelievable! I don't think I've ever seen quite that color blue. I look forward to the stories to come. We officially welcome you!
  9. What a gorgeous baby! Beautiful expression. An amazing moment captured!!
  10. Bandit, Kito, Tim, and I howl with you. So, so sorry to hear. I know Lucky was waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to greet Chenoa. I can't ever keep from crying when I read. ;'-
  11. Oh Natasha, We can't wait to get together with you and your baby! We'll have to introduce you to Bandit, Kito, and Boone.
  12. Soooooo sweet. All are just precious!! Now I want another one too.
  13. mommom

    Meet Shiloh

    that 2nd picture is hilarious!
  14. mommom

    Chief Pup-Pup

    I always continue to be amazed at how wonderful and perfect the matches between we humans and our AIDs continue to be thanks to Kim. It is clearly a gift he is blessed with and something he was meant to do to bring happiness into the world for both 4-leggeds and 2.
  15. Oh yeah, you can count on us being there for the festivities. Wonderful News!
  16. We flew with Kito (who slept like a baby the whole time). It was mommy who needed the sedative. Flying with a carrier is no problem as long as you set up with the airline when you book the flight if going that route. Most carriers will also say as a selling point that they meet airline standards for measurements, etc. not a biggie there.
  17. Such beautiful sweeties!! It's funny, I don't know if Kim took into account what Lucky looked like when picking Kito (consciously or subcounsciously) but he looks a great deal like him, but just enough not that he's still his own dog, you know what I mean? He would be anyway through personality, but by looks alone, and moments here and there, I feel like I'm getting to live Lucky's puppyhood that I never had through Kito. It feels very precious to me, doubly so. ; ') Mommy getting teary over here...
  18. He's getting those dark yet somehow brilliant triangles on the shoulders just like Kito. What beautiful boys we have! Are you noticing him getting softer?
  19. LOL I told ya! Now you're gonna have a lap full of big dog for ever after like me. So SWEET!!
  20. Kito likes this one particular pair of the momma shoes. They're leather. But he doesn't chew them, he just sticks his nose in them, and I assume, inhales...deeply LOL. He has never once chewed them, but socks? Oh my goodness. He makes me feel like a rock star...you know, like the basketball players who say they never wear something twice? They just buy everything new, wear it once, then throw it away and buy new again? That's how I have to do socks, because by the time I wear them, he chews them beyond wearability and I'm forced to buy more.
  21. How wonderful! Love it! Way to go guys!!
  22. Owrooooooooooooooooooooooo
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