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Everything posted by mommom

  1. Sherab, I can't believe how much alike Cake and Kito look!
  2. mommom

    Eye Shine

    Kito's shine green. I could see them through the glass while I was in the shower last night! I guess he happened to be at exactly the right angle.
  3. mommom

    "wild" Dog

    These dogs are more "real" than most of these foofy AKC breeds will ever be. Don't let anyone intimidate you!
  4. Kito had the sea-green eyes as a pup, then they turned olive, and now amber. His eyes and his red fur are the same color!
  5. mommom

    Quirky Aidogs

    It's funny you mention the licking the water thing. Kito and Bandit will sit absolutely as close as they can by the tub or shower, and if I take a bath, they want to lick the water off my hand and arm, and I do mean the WHOLE time. Then they lovingly help dry me off when I get out. I think they would both get in if they could.
  6. Denise, maybe the beaded collar can be for most of the time and special occasions, but if you want a collar that can't be pulled, consider one made from paracord. My husband made one for Bandit and it is stellar. Doesn't loosen when pulled and is very sturdy! Will get a picture to post.
  7. So sorry to hear Rik. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. We are all here for you.
  8. How beautiful!! So stately!
  9. If anyone is interested in something similar, I do beadwork, and used to do a great deal of Native American-inspired loomwork. If you have a collar you would like to have beaded, please let me know and we can work out designs and I'll do it! I would enjoy being able to do this and contribute to the AI community.
  10. they're all 3 beautiful. I wish I could take one of them, but with Bandit and Kito already, I just don't think we have enough yard...yet.
  11. Wow, Cochi and my Lucky look very similar in many ways. I am certain they have found each other on the other side of the bridge.
  12. So Gorgeous. Happy Birthday!
  13. It's one of those neat adventures that you can describe to someone else, but the best is in being able to experience it for yourself and have your own magic.
  14. This is awesome! Where in NZ is the puppy going? I have an exchange sister and family living there, so I'd bet if they have the chance, they'd love to meet up!
  15. Sounds like a wonderful start! So glad to hear things are going so well. Here's to all the joy and happiness continuing. Boone will soon realize he's bigger and stronger than Houston and will quickly develop the big brother gentleness needed. But even as is, they sound perfect together. So happy for you all and your new addition!
  16. That #2 looks like a little tiger!! Oh they are both precious! I WANT ONE!!!!!
  17. mommom

    Gassy Dog

    We started with Blue Buffalo. That seemed to cause more gas rather than less. We seem to have better luck currently with Iams (not no gas, but less). My previous AID eventually had AMAZING results with Royal Canin (can be found at some stores like Petco or Petsmart but we got ours from our vet.) He had a sensitive tummy and our vet recommended we move him to this. He was like a new dog! So much energy! He had previously been somewhat lethargic. He enjoyed the second half of his life on this food, and it was a miracle for us.
  18. All the colors are so rich! The particular color brown he is at this age makes me think of a piece of really fine chocolate, maybe 60-70%, a bittersweet, yum!
  19. He's getting that "brindle" coloring just like Bandit. Already gorgeous and going to be even gorgeouser! Look at the ears!!
  20. Oh my....GOODNESS!! Puppy preciousness!!!
  21. I was dismayed to find that the (Pet Friendly) La Quinta that we stayed at in White City (~1 hr away) is now closed...? I wonder why?
  22. Precious precious precious!! I don't want to be selfish but...I want them all!!
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