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  1. Kito's seems to fit him well (Kito meaning "precious gem.") The diamond on his back isn't as pronounced as when he was tiny, but he's developed a dark diamond outline on his face now too. Lots of shadow and light going on. Bandit seems to fit too. He will steal your heart, as well as anything out of the trash. Lucky (or Luck-Luck as he was most often called) was a total fit too. We rescued each other. I am always excited to hear the new names everyone comes up with, because without fail, a great deal of effort is put into figuring out what fits.
  2. OMG Lucky looked exactly like Ghost and Shappa, and like Jake on the main site page. I get a chill just thinking about it. The Breeders page is beautiful. Every one of them is a gorgeous treasure. So grateful for Kim, Greg, Allison, and all who take care of these babies!
  3. How awesome is that? Dog people have the biggest hearts!!
  4. Fabu pics woodrat!! Thank you for taking the time to post them all.
  5. Such a sweetheart. Thank you for sharing!
  6. We too had a very quiet house when our sweet Lucky was taken from us, so I know exactly what you mean there. We waited over a year for our precious Kito, and in the meantime, a gift named Bandit came into our lives too. I alternated between feeling the need to connect here with folks on the forum up-to-the minute, and just trying to let life happen without having to know everything. It truly was hard, but it will be the best gift ever, better than you ever imagined! And likely, it will come during a "pause" when you don't expect it. Super excited for you!! Hang in there.
  7. Congrats Allison! What an adorable baby!! Let us know when you decide on a name.
  8. How wonderful! Great pics and adorable baby!
  9. Wonderful pics! Looking forward to more!
  10. mommom

    2Nd Dog Problems

    Thank you, NorCal! I meant to echo your sentiment but managed not to. Sorry about that, Rik. We are all so positive about our pups that it's hard to remember sometimes that we always have troubles of one kind or another bringing up small ones. It just comes with the territory.
  11. Love the second to last pic, with the chewie! The look is like "please don't tell me I have to give this up?"
  12. So adorable (both)!!
  13. mommom

    2Nd Dog Problems

    Kito and Bandit will sometimes guard toys, but will trade back and forth, as each one wants whatever the other has. Key seems to be making sure they are each given one of the same thing when brand new (so there are always at least 2 of everything.) Each knows that one is "theirs" but also knows that several are available. As far as food, I would make sure to feed in separate areas (separate bowls too if that's not obvious, I just wanted to spell it out). If you have to, stand guard at food time to make sure each understands that you will not tolerate either one straying into the other's
  14. All the best wishes and hoping for good outcomes from Texas!
  15. this is beautiful star! If you ever have any you would like beaded, please let me know. I might like to buy a couple of these for Kito and Bandit IF you feel like making more.
  16. and thank you SHERAB.
  17. Go Denise! I saw this on FB, shared it even, but didn't think to post it.
  18. Mom and pups are all gorgeous!! I want them all!!
  19. Happy Birthday Kim!! Aroooooo from Texas from Karen, Tim, Kito & Bandit!
  20. To me, he looks like a Roscoe or a (Ra)coon...something related to that gorgeous mask.
  21. Houston was/is for Boone the same way Kito was/is for Bandit. Not that they were unhappy in any way before, but they just find a new and completely amazing gear of happy once their companion shows up. They're just meant to be together, and so clear that they know they're kindred, they're inseparable.
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