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  1. mommom

    Goodbye Pepsi

    I don't think I can express it any better than those who have already spoken but still wanted to say so anyway. So...so sorry. As China said, the fact that he continued to do what he loved is wonderful! He, like my Lucky, went on his own terms. I've had Heaven explained to me this way: It's interwoven with us and our world, but at the same time like a one-way mirror. So, he can see you and is close to you, even if you can't see him. Just know that he is close and loves you! Blessings to you and your special Pepsi.
  2. Feel the need to chime in here. We know that two young ones can and would be a handful, but that's just puppies! Some do just as well by themselves, but what a wonderful gift to give them, each other. The things most worth having in life are worth working hard for. The love is repaid hundredfold, and the two can be, as in our case, inseparable. Was just a little surprised that wasn't emphasized more. Totally understand if the situation is not the right one for everyone, but just wanted to add .02. For us personally, the parenting and teaching was actually easier because they enforced go
  3. mommom

    Meet Juno

    Preciousness! Welcome to having two.
  4. I too have a picture of snow all over the room! At the time we even posted it on ICanHazCheezburger or whatever that site was. We said to him "What are you doing?" (laughing, of course) and he looked SO guilty, and I think thought he was being busted, and began Ooo'ing at us like "I didn't do anything!"
  5. I remembered another toy story I wanted to share. Lucky, our first AI, used to have a big fleece stuffed ball. Once he tore a hole in it, the best game EVER was for him to pull all the stuffing out. He would stick his nose in the hole and just worry that ball to pieces. The funniest part was when we figured out he wanted us to put the stuffing back IN. We bought some quilt batting and then were bound to re-stuff that ball over and over. So regular stuffed toys might not be so bad! Sometimes it just takes them a while to find something they really love (to tear up more than once LOL).
  6. Yay, more puppies for Texas!! We are definitely going to have to organize a statewide get together now!
  7. I did a Google search on "egg babies dog toy" and found results on Amazon, Chewy.com and others. Just wanted to make sure you could find them if you wanted them!
  8. We have found a few fire hose toys that do pretty well, but still don't last. If you happen to have a baby that likes squeakers (after all, have you ever met one that didn't?) We had amazing luck with a toy called an Egg Baby. There is a duck, a dinosaur, several different ones. The idea being that the body has elastic in the bottom, into which you stuff individual egg squeakers - the closest thing to indestructible we found. Show them that the eggs go in the bottom and they delight in taking them back out and asking you to put them back in. One of THE BEST toys we ever found!
  9. Congratulations! Love the name!
  10. mommom

    Update On Maddie

    Bandit is a black and tan also (even brindle almost in spots.) Somehow not surprising they look alike, aside from size. Expect to get "is that a german shepherd??" a LOT.
  11. mommom


    We had smooth sailing with the Stronged-D, if that helps.
  12. I think we have "semi" lap dogs - neither one seems to like to have his back feet off the floor/ground, but Bandit likes to lay his top half across both of us when we sit on the cough to watch tv, and believe me, he puts his full weight into it.
  13. ...And don't forget taco nightmares.
  14. mommom

    Fenris At 3 Months

    Kodi, My vet told us he heard a slight murmur in bandit, but also said that he is very healthy (and athletic) and doesn't exhibit it when running/being athletic. He said it was something to be aware of for anesthesia or in an emergency situation, but not anything to worry about on a day-to-day basis. I hope you receive similarly good news.
  15. Sherab, I would think you could paint some black puppy-jackets with glow-in-the-dark paint for the ribcage...? Depending on the chewing of course, you might be able to make your own (if you're feeling especially crafty) out of a couple layers of felt and some wide elastic maybe?
  16. Denise, is the training for a race or anything, or just because?
  17. Happy howl-o-weenie from Kito, the pumpkin dog! Would love to see any costumes or how you and your babies are celebrating cooler weather.
  18. Such a pretty girl you have!
  19. mommom

    Goodbye Mora

    So very sorry to hear. But no one can ever take away the love between you. Ooo'ing for your loss and sending you hugs and good thoughts.
  20. I wear my husband's Godzilla t-shirt constantly, and you would not BELIEVE the number of compliments I get on it. He never got any when HE wore it. LOL
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