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  1. I'm so happy this works out so perfectly, for all of us. And thank you to Kim and Dave for such sweet words to honor Lucky, it made me cry to read them. We will honor Lucky and Bandit both and continue the wonderful tradition of AI Dogs in the process. Thank you to all of you for your support and clear love of these dogs. It is so wonderful to find a group of folks who feel the same way I/we do. Couldn't be happier!!
  2. When Lucky was younger, he apparently saw (or smelled) some nice young thing or something else interesting walking outside the fence (6 ft.) and boing! Cleared it no problem. So I thought to myself, "Myself, we need a taller fence!" So, a new 8 ft. board on board cedar fence was built, with NO crossbeams on the inside, so there was no foot hold for a dog to get who had thoughts of going over. I was so proud. I thought there was no way that dog was going over that fence. Boy, was I wrong. That dog could clear an 8 ft. fence, with no footholds, no thing, no problem. Our friends are so t
  3. I am so buttering up the better half on this right now!!
  4. What a gorgeous baby! I love the nifty Indian dog vest! Can we get those for our pups too?
  5. mommom

    Thank You Dakota

    I'm so sorry to hear, Greg. My sweetheart was lost to me too in August. All you have to do is talk to your buddy, and he will be there with you. A psychic medium whom I trust greatly explained heaven to me this way: It's a 1-way, 360-degree mirror, where they can see us, but we can't see them, but they're so close to us all the time. Previously, I might have thought this was a little crazy, until I started receiving puppy visits, and kitty visits (he nips my fiancee on the hand!) So I promise you, just think of him, and call his name, and he will be with you close by (I'm tearing up as I
  6. Hi Denise, His name is Lucky. He was "singing" in this picture, aroooo'ing, although he looked like he was blowing a kiss (another friend pointed this out too.) He was a good talker too. I chose my screen name because he was always saying "mom-mom-mom-mom" We lost our baby in August to Cushing's disease, where the adrenal gland produces too much adrenaline and overdrives the body, but we had such a wonderful 13.5 years. We spent all his life looking for, as it turns out, Kim, trying to find out what breed Lucky was. Through a weird coincidence (which I don't beileve in anymore,) a v
  7. Denise, that profile pic is hilarious!
  8. Happy B-Day, puppy! And Many More!
  9. Sherab, that portrait is awesome! Really talented, your mother-in-law! Love everyone's kitty pics!
  10. thank you, Denise! oocahtah, I agree with the other posts, I just love that big black cat on the far right!
  11. What a beautiful baby! I too believe a had the honor of having a relative (cousin, maybe?) of SW?
  12. Lucky's companion was Mr. Hobbes, Mr. Catt-itude.
  13. Sherab, my favorite is #7 LOL! I am afraid if we have not all experienced this already, then we shall. If you have lovely leather interior in your car? Get ready, because it will not be lovely anymore. Two words that will never be in your vocabulary again? "Leather couch." Your new favorite things? "Beige carpet." "Cheap houseshoes." "Pill pockets." "Squeezy Cheese."
  14. Am I officially allowed to be excited yet? We lost my AI Dog love of 13 years in August. The house just doesn't feel the same. We need that sweet happy AI Dog presence in our home.
  15. absolutely adorable! I can't wait to hear what mischief that little imp gets into.
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