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    Her training is going very smoothly, helps that she's so smart and enjoys working her brain.

    Be afraid, be very afraid! They are SO smart. When I had my first AI dog, I found this highly-recommended, new fangled expensive "educational toy" made in Sweden kind of thing. (It WAS expensive). It even came with a large manual on how to introduce it slowly and teach new things with it over the course of several *months*. In 10 minutes, we had skipped to about chapter 10 LOL and another 10 minutes later and we were all bored with it. Never seen anything like it before or since. :lol:


    If you can get into a tricks class after basic training is done, I would highly suggest it (we took ours at Petco too.) These doggies love to learn and really enjoy making their people happy.

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  2. Glad you are are doing better Allison! This time last year I had my hip replaced and for obvious reasons, had to stay somewhere away from the rambunctious doggos to rehab. I have never missed them so much!! I felt awful leaving them but the reunion sure was sweet. :)

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  3. Another thing you might look into (a friend that has horses says it's a must-have) is the Bach Flower Remedies for pets. I haven't tried it myself yet as the iheartdogs chews seem to work great for Bandit, but I will definitely keep it in my back pocket in case.

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    I just went to the site and it doesn't look like they are selling these anymore :(

    (that happens to me a lot - I find something I like or wait to try and it get's discontinued .... UHHHHH :o)


    Is there another name or place to buy them? (the ingredients look like a good combination)


    is the site just not working for me?


    I think they have just moved the page. Try this:



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  5. In the "for what it's worth" department, now that fireworks are done for the year:


    We have finally found something that helps Bandit - nothing, including Vet prescribed meds or a Thundershirt helped his fear of thunderstorms (and fireworks noises).

    I can highly recommend!




    They are grain and gluten free, and have the included list of active ingredients.

    • Valerian root
    • Organic Chamomile
    • Organic Passionflower
    • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
    • Magnesium Citrate
    • GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid)
    • L- Tryptophan
    • Organic Ginger Root
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  6. Figured I'd see if anyone had advice on this one.


    Our Bandit chokes down his food like there's no tomorrow. It's dangerous and I'm just afraid he's going to hurt himself. We have a slo-bowl but it doesn't much slow him down. I've tried hand feeding him, but even then, he snaps at my hands and isn't listening. Same with only feeding a bite at a time delivered into the bowl.


    He and brother are fed separately, they don't seem to have any issues keeping to their own bowls. I think they only ever had a disagreement about it once, and Kito settled it quickly. Bandit hasn't ever again offered to take brother's food.


    About the only thing I know of that we haven't tried is feeding them in completely separate rooms.


    I wonder if maybe he had a bad experience at some point growing up and was either punished using food, or was hungry and unsure when dinner was going to come. They're fed every day at the same time, morning and evening. Any ideas, o wise ones?

  7. Yes, the "chair sit", sometimes with a little "double shove" against my leg if I'm not responding to what she wants quickly enough, yes to lying on her back and using the front paws like hands, and yes, all the sleeping positions.

    And with the BLANKET no less. :D

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  8. Just curious if anyone else's pup does what we call a "chair sit" - he sits straight up on his hind legs and puts both front paws on the bed, my leg, whatever his focus is. I've always known these babies are amazing users of their front paws, our first AID often laid on his back, holding a toy or chewy in mid-air over his head with both front paws. They also seem to enjoy stretching out on their backs with all four feet in the air, especially against a wall (Bandit and Kito both.)


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