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  1. New Diefy Adventures include: SKIING! Cant find a ski resort desolate enough to let her run free, so I tried backpack. She loves it, I get a hell of a workout, and we got away with it too!... for 2 days... Resort says were setting a standard they dont want other people copying... well it was fun while it lasted. Also just some photos of Dief's x-mas spirit (or lack of). And some other shenanigans. General update: shes an even 30lbs. Off leashing is wonderful now. Cant do it in every place but the amount of places I trust her to recall and generally hang out is rapidly growing. I also
  2. She is a very tolerant dog, but we keep balance. Shell let me know when shes had enough (just lays down and ignores me) . Shes at 30lbs.
  3. So Dief has once again be subjected to moving again! 3 times in one year, but she is very adaptable never had any issue. The good news is we have returned to her birthplace, OR! Anyone in the willamette valley? I think Dief is enjoying the new found adventures. Not much to report just thought I'd share some snaps! Oh and i have just started an instagram. You can bet Dief will be featured more than occasionally. So if anyone wants to see more Dief. you know where to find it! @happapanda
  4. Just thought we would share our cycling set up. This allows me to go on long rides without worrying that i left her alone at home! She seems to enjoy it especially on the down hills when we get speed. She's comfortable too, I have caught her nodding off to sleep at the end of the longer rides. (Also i do wear a helmet and shoes , this was the test ride )
  5. Last weighed in march she was at 28 lbs, but i think she may be around 30lbs now.
  6. Diefs spring and summer has been more eventful and shes been learning alot. Lots of hikes and river exploration in the Canadian rivers. She now recalls consistently enough we can go to the dog park off leash and we work on walking with a leash dragging around the neighborhood. The dog park really does excellent for her energy levels. She needs about 2h of activity a day for her not to be bored and restless (And trouble making), but with the dog park she maybe needs only an extra half hour- hour of activity. She likes splashing in the rivers but has yet to swim. Any advice for swimming pra
  7. Dief experienced the recording setting snow of Boston this last winter. Its a good thing shes a snow loving dog it or it would have been "ruff" . Her thick coat also helped protect her in both the below 0 C temperatures of Boston and the -20 to -25 C she experienced in Canada over christmas. With some Mushers Secret she didnt even need booties. The only thing that was a little rough was being trapped inside during the snow storms cause she had just been spayed. Thus we had an indoor snow day to burn off some energy safely. Only downside to such a snow loving dog, was that she would d
  8. So far no snow yet, be it will be coming soon so well see how she likes it!
  9. Haha no thankfully she doesn't try to bring them inside! She'll drag the sticks around for a bit but if she drops it by accident or gets distracted (by something geese or squirrels) she just leaves them be. She does strip her toys of their cloth like skin, to get at the rubber toy inside though!
  10. Here's some more. Including the great carrot fiasco i returned to. Shes a bit smaller in some of these photos, but shes currently at 16.5lbs/
  11. Hello all! Heres another update. We're at 4months now and oh how the time is flying. We've been working hard and learning alot. We have had a small bought with worms: scrambling through the park one day we came upon a dead mouse which sadly she was at before I knew what hit us. But we are health and happy now! While Dief still has the occasional tantrum and has endless energy, she is making a great pup and a good walking and hopefully soon running partner! Here are some more pics
  12. Just had the next vet visit! 12 weeks and 12.6lbs healthy, happy, and hopefully learning a thing or two each day. She grows like nothing i've ever seen. I'll wake up and her face is changed, i'll come back later the same morning and her legs are longer its incredible! She also sure is a jumper. Not necessarily jumping up on things, but she pounces like nobody's business. Here are some photos from her last few weeks (cause we all know that's the real good stuff )
  13. Wow, never knew they were called four eyes! Very interesting. And hahaha the moose is definitely bigger, but that doesn't stop her!!!!!
  14. Ooh! Mark or Ean if you are out there. I would just like to reach out. Your pup is brother to my pup Dief. They came in on the same flight. Let me know if you would like to get together for sibling play dates! He's beautiful!
  15. Introducing Dief from Kona and Rowdy! Pronounced "Deef". She arrived at the beginning of the week, and what a life changer she's been! She is definitely smart, she was already potty trained and sitting, by the second day. She is also fantastic when I have to step out for a bit, never making a fuss. I still can't believe she is finally here!! I'm looking forward to so many adventures!! Here is a few photos, including one with her favorite moose toy, (what a proud Canadian Mama I am!) Oh and I also met her brother when I went to pick her up from Logan Airport. He was jet black with
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