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  1. She is absolutely beautiful! Kona a has some of the same expressions that I see in her brother, Ash. Did the vet give you any estimate on her adult size? Just curious...Ash is at 20 pounds even today. Thanks for posting - I always enjoy your updates!
  2. I really like your updates and training ideas. I'll be checking out the slip collar! Any projection on his size when full grown?
  3. Very cute and I love her name and the meaning behind it!
  4. Congratulations - so happy you were able to fly out....so cute!
  5. Angelajoy


    Yes, I was quite surprised that everything stayed on the table. Our golden retriever had no problem taking out an entire table top with a couple wags of his tail. Usually after a full open beverage was placed on the table. The zoomies...looking forward to those!!!! I love the happiness that's exuded with the zoomies. Denise-good move with the spray. I'm going to remember that just in case I need it. He's certainly interested in the cat tree but so far Cosmo has kept him in line.
  6. Angelajoy


    He's growing fast...already a little over 15 lbs. and doing really well on potty training, leash walking, and also learning commands. It's amazing how fast he's learning. He's definitely keeping us on our toes as you can see. Thank you for the training tips to all who have posted and sent messages. I've trained pups in the past, but none as quick to learn as Ash! We're so happy to have him!!!
  7. Angelajoy


    Ash is doing very well and we're having so much fun with him. He has settled in well and is already such a big part of our family. We sometimes call him "cat-dog". We're not condoning and are strongly discouraging furniture climbing, however this was so funny I had to take pictures. Our cat Cosmo is helping us with discipline, as you can see! That are actually getting along well after some lessons from Cosmo on respect...which continue each day.
  8. Great tips and advice - thank you everyone!
  9. Angelajoy


    Thank you Denise! We're having so much fun with him.
  10. You're in my thoughts and prayers - so sorry for your loss...
  11. Congratulations - she is soooo cute! I love her mask
  12. Yes, it's funny how things work out! Ash is actually the puppy I had seen in meditation and dreams so it all made complete sense when the change was made. It all works out and Kim is definitely a master at placing pups!!!
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