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  1. Allison ~ Is there a way to post these agility trials in the "Events Calender" on the front page? Or are they already there & I just don't know how to get there from here <g> Would be good to post JD's frisbee shows, along with Todd's schedual also ... if it isn't already ~
  2. Hi Emmie ~ Well I don't know about that ... with the older dogs I can tell by what the new owners are looking for if a certian dog fits into their life style or not. Then I put the 2 together & observe to see how it goes. But I make all the decisions when it comes to who fits with who, spicially with pups, 6 to 8 week old pups are not quit responcable enough to make those kind of dicisions, that's were 50 years of knowing the bloodlines & observation from the time they are born comes in. Actually if I left it up to most new owners to pick pups or older dogs out themselves, the
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - ALLISON ---- 31 years old today - right?
  4. Emmie ~ I do some times adopt out dogs that I'm not breeding from any longer, with the understanding that they come back to me if they don't work out for any reason & of coarse spayed or nuetered. Also if I find the perfect home for them 'ussually' close by so I can see them again & maybe help with any problems they may have. Unless I've gotten so attached that I can't stand to see them go, like Dusty, Sierra & Ghost at this time. (couldn't imagine them any where but here) They just hang out here on the ranch chasing geese from the pastures, keeping coyotes off of their t
  5. Estrella ~ I understand you asked about the defferances & simalarities of the Siberians & AIDogs. The Siberiens are a modern off shoot ... or modern relative of the old Siberien dogs that were very simaler to the Village Indian dogs that you can still some times find within the Alaskan Husky breed of today. It would be the same as comparing the Neanderthal man to modern man in human construct. The old siberiens ... like the old Village Indian dogs & the modern lines that we have used in our AIDog breeding program have more of a primative dog personality & look. Exa
  6. Hi Lisa ~ I understand that your sis is honoring her last dog & not wanting to think about another just yet. .... But the best way to honor a friend that has passed on, is to move on & find another friend. Believe me I know, the lost friend would want you to give that empty spot to another as soon as possable & there is a reason this dog (Tommy) came along at this time. I've put off contacting owners in southern CA ..... but can only wait so long ... & will start searching down there. It would be nice to find some one coming here to bring him, but it might not
  7. "WELCOME BACK"? .... I've always been here .... but still trying to get used to this new computer .... but watch out when I do <g> We had a great gathering with lots of new owners & some old owners showing up too. I'll tell everyone the story behind the new bloodlines soon ~ Good to be back on ... talk soon ~ Kim
  8. Please contact the founder kennel / registry at www.indiandogs.com or laflamme@earthlink.net to find out if this is the breed for you. We will get you in touch with an area rep., in your area ~ thanks, founder/trustee ~ Kim La Flamme
  9. Gathering crew ~ We will be at the big pavilion this year, before you get to the mallard loop area. It has nice green lawns all around it & a play ground for the kids. With plenty of shade. Plus it's close to the Lake, so lot's of swimming for all. This is on the McMullen Road intrance .... JD will be here on Thursday to Monday with all his dogs & doing his show on saturday after noon. Inbetween his frisbee golf there at the Lake, <g> we hear Lake Selmac has one of the best frisbee golf courses in the U.S. ~ see you there ~ Kim Michelle ~ Ross Muxwerthy will be coming up
  10. A.I.Dog owners ~ JD will be putting on his show on Saturday after noon, but will be here on Thursday until Monday. We will be at the big pavilion close to the boat ramp this year with the big lawns all around & water close to the Lake. Those of you that don't know where this area is ......... it's the Mcmullen Road entrance or come by my place for directions. See you there ~ Kim
  11. Anthony ~ Great to hear from you again, I think it was about 8 or 9 years ago you where one of the first 10 or so owners on our group at that time. I beleive you were a camara man on a film that Sarah did with her dogs there at the set's. You became good friends with Sarah & her A.I.Dogs & ended up getting one of your own. Any interesting movies lately? You're probobly on the owners side of the forum by now, so see you there ~ Kim
  12. So Allison ~ who is the dog of this month, it's the 1st now? Can't wait to see who's next. It's always such a nice surprise? ~ Kim
  13. Michelle ~ My advise after spending 58 years with this breed is forget what you've heard from vet's. Most of them don't know much about a primative breed that matures faster than your normal modern breeds. Plus A.I.Dogs are much more instinctive than other breeds & they have racing harmones at an earlier age. Definitly spay before there first heat at between 5 & 6 months, same for males. Do listen to the Vet's on the cancer though, as all mammals including all breeds of dogs can get cancer, some breeds more than others. But the A.I.Dog, unfortunatly is no exception, less than mos
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