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  1. Jane

    Goodbye Pepsi

    So very sorry for your loss! What a beautiful and athletic guy!
  2. Hi all, We live in the epicenter of Lyme disease. The ticks that carry Lyme, analasma and babesia are so tiny that it is very difficult to see them. Lucy was positive and treated for Lyme twice. I did have her vaccinated for a few years. Not sure how I feel about the vaccine but she did not get Lyme again. Ruby was symptomatic ( a limp) and was positive for anaplasma when she was less than a year. At that time we used frontline to prevent the ticks. Around here that has stopped working. Since then we have been using the collar which is supposed to last about eight months. I looked into altern
  3. We also feed a lot of human food.... There is a website called dog food advisor.com which seems pretty good. It breaks down the nutritional values and ingredients. It is a bit more difficult to find out who actually owns the company. For that I just google who owns whatever brand. A lot of really good foods start out as small companies which get bought out by large corporations who are likely to change the formulas. That happened with several foods that we fed our first aid.Taste of the wild is made by diamond which is a huge company which makes a wide variety of foods... A friend who lived ne
  4. Hi, This is a topic that I am a freak about. We lost our cat to the poisoned cat food. It was from an additive that was supposed to be a protein but was a poison from china. Before that I did not think much about their food. Now I do the research. Some of the companies that I used to get food from have been bought out by things like proctor and gamble. So I look for companies not owned by large corporations. They should have there own processing plant. Nothing comes from China. Have gone through several brands which have stopped using once they are bought out (have to keep checking online). No
  5. Jane

    Ruby Josephine

    Yes about 16 or 17 years ago the pet guy on the today show I think did a thing on rare dog breeds. They brought out about 5 different dogs. One was Willie an AID. Well at that time I hadn't been thinking of getting a dog. But wow a dog that looks like a coyote! We had just gotten on the Internet and somehow found Kim's website. Don't know if there was Google then.... And so it is more than the looks but that got me...
  6. Hi, So very sorry the hear this. Jane
  7. Jane

    Ruby Josephine

    Thank you! Yes that eyeliner is special. But all the dogs are so amazing looking. I love the tube as safe storage space! I found kibble behind a couch cushion and chair when we had Lucy our 1st AID. She was definitely more of a survivalist... Sherab are you the people who had Willie? If you are he is why we got Lucy. We saw him on TV. What a looker....
  8. Jane

    Ruby Josephine

    Hi, this is trying to post a picture of Ruby...
  9. Jane

    Ruby Josephine

    Hey All, Ruby just turned one. She is mostly such a good girl...She has an interesting hobby which our first AIDog did not do. She is a collector. She goes to work with David who is a contractor so she is at various remodeling jobs. Everyday after work he goes to check her stash to see what he needs to take back. He has found gloves, childrens toys, a piece of pvc pipe, scrap metal, plastic bottle, glass bottle, possum skull with the spine attached, a pencil and various mice and rabbits that she has hunted etc etc. She does that at home as well. We find on the rug she likes to play on barrette
  10. Hi, Thank you everyone for the kind words. I just saw this posting as I was not on the forum when Lucy died. It seems it was a sad winter for a lot of indian dog owners! We still miss our Lucy very much. She was almost 15 when she died. She was a sister of Ghost from a different litter. She was a very very special girl. We have a new puppy named Ruby who is bringing us lots of joy. She reminds us of Lucy but is different too. A while after she came home I realized that she was conceived either the day Lucy died or soon after and that gives me some strange comfort. Jane
  11. He looks so much like our Lucy who passed. He is absolutely beautiful!!! How old is he and how old when you got him? Jane
  12. Jane

    New And Old

    Thank you so much! Ruby has been such a joy for us. Of course she is really smart and funny and cute and just awesome... We still miss Lucy so much but are also enjoying comparing the similarities and the differences. Lucy was so beautiful and had the fox coloring with her red fur and yellow eyes. Ruby looks like a coyote. I get the exact same comments tho I did with Lucy...looks like a dingo, coyote, fox and jackal..... She was 9 weeks when we picked her up. She had to immedietly start going to work with David(her Dad) who is a contractor. Luckily we are in a rural area so its easier... She h
  13. Jane

    New And Old

    Hi, I am new to this but not to the dogs. Our love Lucy of almost 15 years died this past february which totally broke our hearts.We now we have Ruby who we have fallen in love with. Is there a place to post pictures etc of our pups who have passed and how about the new pups? I was on the forum back in the day when it was completely different and never transitioned....thank you and all help is appreciated! Jane
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