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Everything posted by nrrosque

  1. That would be fantastic! Once he's of age, I would love to get him together with some other AIDs!! Thanks!
  2. Haha, I am new to the forum, so going back through all old posts, this is hilarious! How cheeky!
  3. Such a beautiful pup - this is great, thanks so much for posting your progress!! Makes me feel better to hear that my pup isn't the only one with an earth shattering cry/scream haha! Getting quieter everyday, but my oh my these pups have some lungs on them!
  4. Hi everyone! I am still getting a hang of the forum (navigating and figuring out where to post), so I hope I am posting this in the right place! I picked up Zephyr last Friday and then traveled around Oregon with him for a few days - then finally flew him home with me to Texas! I am an experienced dog owner (growing up with dogs and raising two Huskies on my own) and own a Doggie Daycare/Boarding facility, so I thought I was prepared for everything this little guy could throw at me...but even so he is the feistiest pup I have ever raised! We are working on crate training, which is a bat
  5. It was so great to meet you last week - thanks for chatting with me and showing me pics of your handsome guy!
  6. Love him, he is so beautiful!
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