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  1. I haven't had a chance to get nice pics on my camera, but here are some from my phone (some are older from when I first got him)! He is doing great, I am teaching him to swim, now that it is warmer (which he hates haha...but is slowly getting the hang of). I can't wait until he gets his last round of shots in two weeks - yippee! Second to last one - he is sleeping on his sister
  2. He's so beautiful - has the same little white star on his chest as Zeph! Gah
  3. Yea, we could definitely post a RavenxChoco topic, that way we can all keep in touch Wow, Komi is growing! That's great though, Zephyr is still such a petite little thing lol, he goes back to the Vet on the 20th for his last round of puppy shots, so I will get to weigh him in again there -- but I don't think he has put on much weight. He is very lean, everyone comments on how he has the body of a big dog, but he is miniature haha. I would guess he is about the same height, his little legs are SO long!
  4. I'm the second! I can get creative also - especially since I haven't officially registered yet! I could have sworn there was another one, but Kim couldn't recall at the time when I was picking him up
  5. So sweet! Zephyr is also the spunkiest in the morning, trying to attack his sister and getting into every drawer and closet as I open things to get ready lol! How much does yours weigh now?
  6. How much does Komi weigh now? Zephyr weighed in at 10.5lbs last week and I am just curious to see how his siblings are growing?
  7. nrrosque

    Chief Pup-Pup

    This is so sweet, what a gorgeous pup and great updates!!
  8. My favorite pic so far - shows how happy...and silly they are together!
  9. Thanks @miz molly and @sherab ! He really does look like a fox, I just love his coat and yes, he does have SO much personality, keeps me laughing all the time!!
  10. Haha yea Zephyr just stands there looking super pathetic when we get caught in the rain - hopefully he will warm up to it like Kona and get the happy zoomies!!
  11. Awesome! When I went to pick up Zephyr I thing yours was the other one I was considering - Kim said they were both a little more laid back. Wish I lived closer to his siblings so we could all get together!
  12. Wow beautiful! Keep the pics coming!
  13. So today we worked on trying to get Zephyr to like swimming...he absolutely hates the water - he is especially pathetic when I have to take him potty out in the rain haha...anyways, he did okay. The water is still freezing right now, but I may have to brave it one of these weekends and go in with him to help him (I taught all my dogs by getting in with them and by having another dog around who loves to swim that they could watch) - he has been watching his sister Remi and I can tell he wants to try it but is scared. I worked on getting him to stand on the first step which he liked, but then
  14. nrrosque


    I was just about to suggest this Allison - yes, take him potty, spend 5 minutes outside and if he doesn't go, bring him inside...but immediately turn right back around and take him out again. When my male husky was a pup, he developed this same problem, we would take him potty and spend 30 minutes outside and he would do NOTHING - then we would come back inside and he would immediately pee. So we started this technique, he got 5 minutes outside to potty, then we would take him up, open the door, walk him in and immediately turn him around and walk him back outside - SUCCESS! I think we only
  15. Who are his parents? He looks a lot like mine from Raven x Choco
  16. Such a pretty girl pup, love those bright blues
  17. Ugh, so adorable! My Dad now wants an AID after spending so much time with my new one - sending this pic to him to taunt him lol
  18. Your Atticus is brother to my pup! Beautiful pics - and I can definitely relate to the "loudness" haha
  19. So sorry for your loss. Beautiful tribute
  20. Updated pics - Look, both my ears are up! He's pretty much potty trained now, yay. The crate is still a nightmare for him, tried peanut butter kongs, but he is more concerned about the fact that he is separated from me (this is all at the business, I haven't crated him at my apartment yet)...will try crating him in apartment while I am there, where he can see me and give him little puppy chews (bullysticks) see if that helps. He is doing awesome on everything else though! Here are some pics of him playing with his sister - love his tiny little snarls haha
  21. ---------------------------------------- @ Gib thanks so much, the business card thing sounds great! Also Michael Ellis is my idol, I own a ton of his DVDs and one day hope to make it out to one of his workshops! His technique is just amazing and so well thought out
  22. Me too! Can't wait until he is of age!
  23. Thanks everyone! I have been reading a lot more on the forum, which has been really encouraging me and helping me - I am so glad for this forum and for all of you and your support! Update: His ears are now both up and he is still picking things up so fast - he is so attentive to me. My Husky girl Remi and him are really hitting it off now, just wrestling all the time, they LOVE each other! The potty training is going well, we still have our messes, but I am getting the hang of his schedule and when he needs to go. @Sherab, thanks so much for the advice! The crate training is still
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