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  1. Definitely looks Raven x Choco!
  2. Message thing didn't save me edited text - but those are some pics I took on my phone at Kim's...I still regret forgetting my nice camera that day. Left to Right:: Zeph on bottom, Zeph in middle, Zeph on bottom, Zeph on top... Wondering if the pup on top of Zeph in the 1st and 3rd photo is Atticus? 2nd and 4th pic Waka maybe or even Nakoma (a lot of their eyes looked blue at a distance, though if I remember right the dark brown one on top did have yellow eyes up close, so maybe Nakoma?
  3. I have been meaning to share this video for quite some time now, but I had thought I lost it at one point -- luckily had it backed up on my Dad's computer. It doesn't look like much, but it is extremely special to me. When I went to visit Kim, he recommended two pups out of that pen for me. I believe the other one I was looking at is now Nakoma (Ranger Komi) -- anyways I had held several of the pups, but after holding one pup, I would pick Zephyr up again. What drew me to him was his eyes - they were so alert and bright, just taking in the world! I was only in the pen for maybe 5-10 minute
  4. How cute -- love that her and your cat get along so well! What stunning markings, lovely girl!
  5. Yes! Another Raven x Choco pup! I also have one your siblings -- I love the coat colorings on Kaposia, just beautiful!
  6. I'm so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  7. Seriously stunning pictures! What a good looking pup!!
  8. Wow what a good baby! Every time I see pics of Nakoma, I have to double take - he is seriously the spitting image of Zephyr - we would be hard pressed to tell them apart if we ever got them together haha! Love seeing your pictures and reading your stories
  9. Aww that's so sweet and thank you! He is about 5 months now I think, the days are all a blur lol. He was right at about 6 weeks when I got him. He is still so gangly and petite...still only 22lbs. But I guess he is just a slow grower. He is a doll and gets SO spoiled!
  10. @nytebyker @miz molly :: nrrosque is just my initials lol! First name Natasha, middle name Reis, last name Rosque -- I wish there was a much cooler explanation now that you were so curious haha, but unfortunately pretty boring! @miz molly :: thanks so much for the camera compliment!!
  11. @sherab congrats!! I can't wait to get together with all of our Dallas AID's seems our little group is not going to be so little for very long!
  12. It's been a few weeks since I updated! Zeph is doing great, has an accident only here and there. I figured out that he crates better if I crate him together with his sister. My large crate is at my parents house, so once I get it transferred to my apartment, I will probably try that more often - I have been leaving him out in my apartment to run short errands here and there (he cries a little when I leave but settles down pretty quickly). So far so good, he won't destroy anything or have any accidents, so there is hope! He really is a doll, though - he learns to moderate his energy lev
  13. hahaha I love the "irhuaoew" ! I wonder what Kim would think if I wrote that on his registry papers
  14. So I know I'm biased...but LOOK...look at that adorable face with his little bandana! The other night, my family and I rented a movie to watch and we spent half the movie just staring at little Zeph...all he was doing was laying on the floor with his little bandana staring back at us with those little beedy eyes...and yet somehow we couldn't get enough of him haha! Also, we have nicknamed him "Zephrey" or "Zeffrey" wonder if that will work for the registry? ...it's funny because I envisioned Zephyr as this majestic, serious dog and named him after a Greek God (and yes he is majesti
  15. Can't wait until Zeph joins in!
  16. @ Allison, do I DM them to you or email? Thanks!!
  17. I got weighed today... 13.5 pounds -- man am I a petite little guy! Oh and I learned how to play dead!! (hope the link works ) Wait for it.... #zephyr #aidog #newlove #americanindiandog #puppylove #puppup #instagood #instapups #dfwdogs #livingthelife #lifesapooch #lifeofadog #cutedogs #cutepuppies #littlebeardog #browndog #dogtraining #dogtricks #puppytricks
  18. Oh my gosh, I love her!! She has such an expressive face - and sticks sticks sticks
  19. @wag65 -- I went to find your boy Kola and wow they definitely look almost identical! Kola is so handsome and I love that he is a good swimmer (hoping Zeph will be too!) Thanks for the advice , his sister is very gentle and very good adjusting her play style based on what kind of dog/size of dog she is playing with
  20. me too, he has the goofiest personality
  21. Haha thanks! I can't wait until I can join in on the get together's I would love to see how he plays with other AI's!!!
  22. Oh my goodness, Zephyr does look almost identical to your Kola!! Kola is so handsome, love all the pics! ...and hopefully I can get Zeph to love the water as much as Kola does
  23. Oh and can't forget these two! "I help you do the dishes?" "Digging?? ...I wasn't digging!?"
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