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  1. AHH another sibling!! I must have missed you, Zephyr is one your brothers -- Happy very late BIRTHDAY!!
  2. And a very late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I can't believe they are a year old, time really flies!
  3. Thank you so much! I know they look like twins! I really do love their coat too, Zeph continues to get more orange/blonde highlights in his coat as he gets older and I just love the depth and variation of the blonde mixed with his dark chocolate color
  4. Stunning!! That silver one is just beautiful! Congrats Greg!
  5. Thanks Everyone!! Thanks for posting my kiddo!!
  6. i love that couch picture hahaha
  7. Sounds like the perfect fit for an AI!! They are incredible dogs, but I rarely recommend them because I believe there are few people who are able to truly recognize and respect them as deep spirits. My own boyfriend struggles to see what I see many times and he is a very spiritual person...he is just used to interacting with the average dog (labs, pugs,etc.). I think some people have trouble finding peace with the more primitive breeds because these dogs are true free thinkers. This is why love love Zeph and my huskies so much, they have their own wants and desires....it takes mutual respe
  8. haha sounds familiar! Zeph has always been great about not destroying anything, but i guess the fertilizer was just too tempting! I have never tried sweet potato as a treat, thats such a good idea, mine both love fruit, so i am sure they would love that too
  9. Zeph is doing very well...we had a rough week last week. He has mild separation anxiety that we have been working on, only scratches up the front door, but generally NEVER destroys anything else. My fault: one night I left treats in my backpack and came home to all my belongings strewn across the floor. Then a few days later, I re-potted our indoor plants...not thinking...Zeph has a bad poop eating habit and the potting soil smelled like poop....well we came home to Zeph having knocked down one of the plants and there was soil all over the carpet, he ate one whole succulent, a lot of soil
  10. We will be sending Zeph's Registration Papers in soon...finally!
  11. Thanks so much everyone! I forgot about this one from earlier this week too
  12. So I have realized that I am long over due for an update on Zephyr! I have been so busy, that I haven't had a chance to get pics of him on my nice camera, so the one's below are on my phone. And can you believe I have been busy enough that I haven't even had time to get him neutered yet, eek! I have him scheduled for January 12th, so the time is fast approaching! He is doing great though. I have started really upping his training and he is doing very well - walks beautifully on a leash! Now we are working on his off-leash recall and so far so good!! In his younger puppy days, I ha
  13. Aghhh, this is giving me puppy fever! All so cute and congratulations to all!
  14. Kim, So sorry to hear about your loss. His contributions will not be forgotten. I wish I lived in Oregon as I would have loved to be able to help you and Greg with all of the puppies if only to relieve some of your stress. I cannot thank you and your father enough for keeping this wonderful breed alive. Even just this morning, as I was still lying in bed, I was thinking how amazing the bond is between Zephyr and I -- and of course how he really did choose me. He brought laughter and love into my life at a time when I needed it most. Through these dogs, your father was able t
  15. This is great! I love that you were able to step in and help this family by taking care of Maddie until she can join them in New Zealand! Keep the updates coming, what a cutie!
  16. ahh here is where the link went, I read it and then it disappeared haha! These are great links!
  17. Thanks - and I loved the article you posted also, very interesting! yes, I was not expecting that from him, but glad to see it
  18. Thank you so much! I think that's my favorite picture, I love that little scruff so much!
  19. Thank you! It's little things like that story that he does, where I just stand there in awe. Truly amazing dogs
  20. ...and might I add, there was just such a calmness about him while he stood his ground, you could tell he wasn't afraid, but he wasn't going crazy and getting all reactive either - it was like he just went into this Zen state and stood there calmly, let out two barks and that was it...just mind blowing!
  21. And here are some updated pics of Zeph ... man this kid is so photogenic! Anyways my last post was more of a flashback, this is more of an actual update. He is doing fantastic. Knows when to chill/when to play. I gave up on the crate and actually put it back in storage. I have been leaving him roaming at the apartment and he has been doing awesome -- no chewing anything (even while he is still teething) and only has an accident occasionally if I am gone for 5 hours-ish and only sometimes even then. His temperament is perfect. Not going to lie, I was super worried in the beginning - he
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