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Everything posted by nrrosque

  1. Yes Happy 2nd Birthday to all the RavenxChoco littermates of 2015!! Ugh all these puppies make me want another little one
  2. I haven't posted in while - I can't believe this guy turns 2 today! I love him so much, it's unreal - he's the therapy dog I never knew I needed
  3. Love that handsome mug
  4. oh my goodness, I agree, that 4th pic is to die for!! So adorable!
  5. Thanks everyone! @Allison - I am always amazed at how athletic these dogs are! He flies over things with such ease and grace, it's incredible! @Sherab - haha, every morning he drags him man parts across our carpet - he loves laying out like that - reminds me of a little kangaroo @Denise - haha no, he has been told he looks like Bobby Flay though
  6. Wow, they do look identical! Zephy also rubs his eyes a lot also, which is so cute! We should definitely get a picture collage set up - maybe a head shot, straight on with a little chest showing? I'll have to figure out how to tag everyone so they get the pics
  7. Those tricks are awesome! I really want Zeph to learn Frisbee fetch! The jump through your arms is so neat!
  8. nrrosque

    Chepi's Journey

    Stunning Pics!! Chepi is so striking - beautiful!
  9. YES! oh my gosh - my staff always makes fun of me because Zephyr uses his feet like little hands. He will pull stuff from outside the chain link fence, open doors, open gates, etc. How funny that Atticus does the same thing!
  10. haha, yeah Zeph is still learning his off leash recall - he is so ADD
  11. It really is amazing how much all our pups resemble each other in personality and looks! We should all pic a specific picture pose for each of our pups and then collage all the pictures next to each other! It would be fun to see them all lined up next to each other!
  12. I LOVE the collage pic of them sleeping together!
  13. As always, life has kept up busy busy -- I love Zephyr more and more everyday!
  14. ahhh my heart is melting, sooo cute!
  15. I would LOVE to meet up!! My boyfriend and I get so busy, but I would definitely LOVE to set a meet date! We will be out of the country from June 3rd-June 18th. Do you know when Denise will be in? Love the pic by the way, so sweet Let me know a good time for y'all and we can check in with our Calendars
  16. That is so cute!! I would love to hear Kaposia howl a greeting back ;D Thank you so much!! I know I wish all of their siblings could meet - it would be a giant chocolate love fest haha!
  17. Haha it's so funny because I named him with these high expectations of him being this majestic regal fellow...and he is the biggest goober I have ever met! I love him though and his goofy faces and antics keep me laughing even on my worst days. He came at a time in my life when I needed a little extra laughter...the perfect pup
  18. AND, I can't forget....welcome to Zephyr's howl hahaha....have I mentioned how much I love this little goober!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BDrOsyBzVhH/?taken-by=natasha.rosq
  19. A few updated pics of Zeph - I love how goofy he is, he keeps me smiling
  20. Such a handsome boy - I love his markings!!
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