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Everything posted by nrrosque

  1. same here, they are so amazing, thank you!
  2. So glad she is okay! I used to have a Husky with epilepsy and it is so scary watching them go through a seizure - especially the first time it happens!! Hopefully it was just caused by the nuts and only a one time thing!
  3. What an adorable little nugget
  4. I am not sure if anyone mentioned this - so SORRY if I am being a broken record! When I had my male husky we had this issue where we would take him potty and walk him around for 30 or so minutes with no success...then we would bring him back inside and he would go to the bathroom everywhere...so frustrating. The trick that worked for us was to take him out, walk him around for 5 minutes only - then we would take him back inside and immediately turn around and go outside again. This trick worked like a charm! Took all of two days to fix the issue! It was a pain because we lived on a 5th f
  5. Also we had the pleasure of meeting Haru a few weeks ago and she is the sweetest little nugget
  6. Thought we were due for a quick update! Zeph is doing great - still a healthy, wonderful, vibrant boy! He is my true heart dog and I love him to pieces.
  7. Happy Birthday!! I know time flies!?
  8. Thank you! I do LOVE his coat
  9. Another year, another Birthday! Can't believe he is 3 years old already
  10. Agh, she's so ridiculously precious!!!
  11. haha Zeph is all lap dog, he always has to cuddle something living - If I'm not available he will cuddle my Husband or any guest that is over. He tries to snuggle with all the dogs at Doggie Daycare and with all my staff. Love how snuggly he is
  12. Happy Birthday siblings!! Can't believe they are 2 already!
  13. nrrosque

    Pretty Sit

    Haha that's exactly how Zeph sleeps, except usually that high paw is right in my face
  14. Glad to hear that Zeph is not the only one out of his litter that is still a flight risk. He just runs like a dingbat and doesn't realize where/what he's doing lol
  15. omg i just died, how did I miss all these pictures!!
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