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  1. Been a while since I have done an update! We moved to Colorado as of January 1st 2021 and I cannot wait to get the dogs out for more camping adventures now that we are closer to plenty of fun places and can beat the heat (not being stuck in hot Texas Summers)! He continues the to be the best little Noodle adventure buddy always.
  2. Right!? I love how they all look so similar, yet so very different. This day was hands down one of my favorite days every and I am so glad that we were able to pull it together
  3. Also, I totally forgot to post some photos from my favorite day this Summer! We got to meet several other AI's, including Zephyr's brother Atticus! Zeph was more interested in running his heart out for two straight hours, but Atticus definitely stuck close to his brother and followed him everywhere on the beach...it was so sweet. Watching them all run together on the beach was truly spectacular. I wish I could have sat there all day watching them run. These dogs continue to amaze me. See if you can spot who's who! Atticus, Zephyr, Willow, Tamarack, Rune, Arlo, Rikki, and Zola!
  4. Gib and Joan, I am not on the forum often, and only just started reading through your posts only to read this latest and end deeply saddened by your loss. Thank you for all that you have shared on this forum and my heart is with you and your family during this difficult time. These dogs are truly special, and so spiritual. Much love to you all.
  5. These dogs are so picturesque. I could literally watch them move and stare at pictures of them all day!
  6. Thank you SO much! My Mom (Zeph's granny) keeps telling me he's too skinny haha - I keep telling her he is a working weight and very healthy ...I think if she had her way it would be a little chubs haha
  7. Just completed another camping trip with Zeph! Every trip brings us closer together and I am constantly in awe of how wonderful he is
  8. Haha he only howls if we ask him to "sing" or when we are on hikes I have a my friends howl with me to coax him into his song! That's so funny - cell phone ringtones
  9. Thank You!! I agree, these dogs are SO photogenic!
  10. Awww thank you!! Boulder is so handsome!! What's your instagram? I think i just saw it the other day - want to make sure I am following!
  11. I love her little smile!!
  12. How much does she weigh - she is so beautiful! Do you have a separate post thread for her, I don't remember seeing pics of her!?
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