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  1. Thank you for your answer! Ok, now I`m fine otherwise, then how you wrote Allison that it`s not possible to do that with a AID. I was a little bit upset. Now I think too, that this person is lying and she doesn`t get an AID female but another dog, who knows. I wrote her like an Interested in the hybrid she wants to breed, and I was asking her where she is getting the AID from. I m still waiting about her answer. Later I will tell you. For me it`s no problem about the e-mail adress. If I can help i will do that. I think I wrote one time to the person who owns a AID in Switze
  2. Hi everybody First I`m sorry about my english. I`m from Switzerland and have 3 Siberian Huskies. I`m interested in the AID, but I^dont want another dog at this moment. However... Yesterday I saw a announcement in the www in switzerland, that somebody want to breed her AID!!! I thought that is a joke and wrote to the person. Now, she is looking forward to get her AID female this summer from great britain (i think so). And she is planning to cross this dog with a WOLVE in Poland!!!!!!!!! That`s not allowed i think ?? So what can I do, to stop this action??? Or am I wrong ??
  3. Hi! Thank you for your answers! I will make the questions that I have clearer. Huskies are very stubbornly. If they don`t want to make a thing, they don`t make it. You can not force them to nothing. I like this very much but sometimes it would be easier with a dog who isn`t that stubborn. How are the Indian Dogs? Second very important question i like to know is: Can you leave free your dogs while you are walking with them? I can`t let my dogs free. They are fascinated by hunting almost everthing they are hearing or see in the forest. I have two or three distances wh
  4. HI all I don`t have an AID. But I have two siberian huskys. I like to know what are the difference between some AID and sleddogs ? I don`t mean that sleddogs just want to pull all the time and AID perhaps no. I want to know if the AID thinks similar like huskys? In what kind theyre very different? Sorry for my english!! :-( I hope you have some answers to me. Thank you! Natalie
  5. Hi Allison! I read about the guy in Switzerland. I know his homepage and i already tried to call him. Now I know why he didn`t response me ... hahaha When does he come back to switzerland, you know? He is the onlyone in switzerland who has a A.I.D?? Wow! I saw one time a Indian Dog , but he was bigger than my dogs!! The said to me thats a American Indian Dog, but I didn`t believe that. Who knows??? Where here in the forum can I put my questions about the A.I.D ?? Greets, Natalie
  6. Hi everybody! I`m from Switzerland and i have two dogs. Since a couple of days I heard about the American Indian dog and since then I`m very interested to know more about that dogs. But it`s very difficult to get information in german. My english is not so good, but I will try to learn more about this dogs, perhaps here in this forum. About my person. I`m from Switzerland (Basel) and since 3 years ago I bought my first own dog named Nikita. She is a Sibirian Husky female and has a very beautiful caracter. Two years later I bought my second Husky, who was going through 3 hands before c
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