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    Art and Creativity in all forms, esp. ancient methods of painting. Writing, reading, hiking, travel, conflict resolution, art therapy, DOGS, esp. primitive breeds and MOST esp. American Indian Dogs, Toltec Philosophy, Any Kind of Literature or Poetry, Film, Gourmet food, too much more to list! It would be much easier to list what I'm not interested in, but I can't think of anything right now, lol.
  1. lmao, did I say that? Is that what they called a Freudian slip? I think I meant I had more problems, with, hold on I have to take my foot out of my mouth. talk to you later, love ya, mercy
  2. that is so great, thank you for telling me about that. mercy
  3. Thanks for that. So funny! mercy
  4. Let us know when you get him. Have you thought of any names at all? what a great thing to look forward to. Also, it's good he will be in the pack until eight weeks, gives him a chance to get a couple lessons in from the pack. What other kinds of dogs have you had. It's basically the same, in my opinion, raising any dogs, although it is a smart and willful, primitive breed. All breeds have their unique differences, and then the individual dogs are different in temperment, too, but A.I.D.'s sure do have certain things in common, like the need for strong leadership. mercy
  5. What a perfect name for this dog, really fits. awesome. mercy
  6. I want to steal that perfect American Indian dog!!!! so totally adorable. my God, how do you stand it. See why it's so easy to spoil them. I"d take one look and melt. Mercy
  7. Hey Jan, sounds like you are having fun. I did not have any problems with my dogs at that age, funny thing, it was more like when they went through dog teenagerhood, when I thought they were mostly trained and began to rebel a bit. (I have had three) My husband did have some issues with Littlestar chewing on him for six months, she mostly did it with him, we thought she would never stopped. She stopped when we got her a sister. Interesting, my dog Peyote was a bit more bonded to him and I had more problems with him. Whenever anyone tells me they are having problems with th
  8. Mercedes


    Hi Judy, Do you know what smudging is? You can buy a smudge stick and light it and hold it over a bowl and go throughout the house! An American Indian ritual, but hey, your're Indian dog did it! fol. I do that when I want to clear the energy in my home or really get a smell out. I also like to use pine sol to clean and that leaves a scent that seems to dissapate other oders. Definately baking soda just left out will soak that up somewhat, and it's fairly cheap. You can buy some Eucalyptus branches or wreathes, (spell?), okay this is really adding up in money, but good luc
  9. KK, are you thinking of getting another pup. I know, either way, I have to see the pictures, sounds so adorable. mercy
  10. Mercedes


    Did Tommy find a home yet? I wonder if I should ask my son regarding it. He had been thinking of adopting an older dog, and also an indian dog. He's familiar with the breed and a good trainer, but he's hasnt' had an a.i.d. before, but he knows my dogs and they adore him to no end. he's a dog person. He recently lost a dog and it was very difficult for him to say the least, it' was July 4th, and his other dog is ten which is a dobbie and they don't ussually live that long, I guess. I think grief is different for each person, and that it's important for the person to be ready and feel g
  11. When will you be getting your pup? From what i understand, often what the Indians did was wait till they saw the personality of the dog and go from there. If you want to name it an American Indian Name, you could do a search on the internet regarding Indian Chefs, and find many, many interesting names, and then see what fits with you and your dog. I think it's very special naming a dog. When I got my dog, Little Star, I did not at all know what I would name her. I had driven to Oregon to pick her up on a moment's notice. It was a solid 24 hours straight of driving from Phoeni
  12. I very much enjoyed looking at your site and reading what you had to say. I love to see a dog laugh and smile like this, and the Indians seem to do this in such an obvious way, their expressions are so extreme and almost human looking. What a beautiful companion you have there. I have seen one dog at Kims that has green in the eyes, well the eyes were a kind of light Jade, it was unusual and mystical, as was just meeting all the dogs there. by the way, My name is Mercedes. I've not been on the site in a while. I was actually refraining from the computer a bit, I had an injury to
  13. "American Indian Dog Breed Founder and Indian Rights Advocate Extols Sand Creek Massacre Film" Wow, that's fascinating. Thanks for posting this. I signed up for the newsletter at the site. How can I view the film? It's so sad and true what Kim said, and just gives me chills to think of one of our dogs, taking a bullet for it's tribe, and warning us, etc. Dogs are teachers, they do give so much more than is acknowleged. mercy
  14. Hi everyone, Allison and KK and everyone. I am on the tribunal council, too. I am not sure what that means though, because I don't really do anything. I do represent the dogs, for sure. I educate people about them and am proud to present them for the special companions that they are, supremely unique breed... Originally we were going to help Kim by interviewing those who might want a dog in our areas, and then reporting to Kim and then, I guess, he would do a final interview? of course. I dont' know if that was meant to be a kind of screening for wackos, or what? fol. sorry to
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