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  1. Loki still sleeps in his crate during the day (door open when we are home) - but both dogs sleep on our bed at night. We also keep a dog bed in the room in case one of the dogs (usually Mesa) wants some space. Loki is a bed hog and thinks the pillows are there so he can 'spoon' with us but Mesa sleeps in a tight little ball at my feet which helps some... a King size is a must tho.
  2. Flash from the past... (courtesy of New Pups Forum posting: Chawa X Rogue's Rowdy Spring 2016 Litter) Ahhhh, how we've grown
  3. Happy Birthday Bro... Lookin good! - Loki
  4. Wow, so it's been almost a year since my last update on our duo - time flies I guess! They've had their moments of disagreement like any siblings, but Mesa and Loki are great friends and their bond seems to be getting even stronger now that Loki is growing out of puppy-dom. Loki is now 16 months or so old and outweighs Mesa by a few pounds (47lbs to her 45lbs) and is a few inches taller... but she remains the boss. They make a wonderful pair...
  5. Sounds like this worked out? Too bad we are so far away - would be really neat to see Mesa with her daddy. Appreciate the pics too - I didn't realize how much she looks like him. Hope things worked out for all! resemblance is striking!
  6. Wow! This is such a thoughtful and helpful explanation - thanks so much Woodrat! Loki is now slightly taller, but leaner, than Mesa so I suspect he is getting close to his adult height, but still has a lot of filling out to do (he's about 6.5 months now). Based on your explanation, sounds like no harm to add in some of the 6 fish until I run out of the puppy food and then transition to all 6 fish. Thx again!
  7. Anyone have thoughts on when to switch from puppy to adult formula? We currently feed Mesa orijen six fish and she loves it (turns her nose up to everything else) - mixed with raw. Loki is on orijen puppy, also mixed with raw. But comparing the puppy to the six fish - there doesn't seem to be much difference nutritionally and he is definitely interested in her food. He is approaching 6 months and I haven't seen much consensus online as to when to switch. I know Kim has said that AIdogs mature quickly, so we were thinking about starting to mix in the 6 fish. Just wondering if an
  8. Hmmm... our Loki. It took us a while to name him and we weren't so sure his name fit at first because he was super sweet and snuggly and generally a good boy (Loki - norse god of trickery/mischief). Then he started doing things like this when we left the room. Now, when he wants to chew something he shouldn't (such as a shoe) he first finds a dog toy or bone and lays that on top to hide what he is doing. He definitely keeps us on our toes. Maybe we should have named him something else.
  9. Just adorable ... and with that coat, she's gonna grow up to be quite the beauty!
  10. So Mesa and Loki have reached a new milestone. Although they bonded the moment Loki arrived, Mesa kept one item off-limits... her big brother's dog bed. This week, she shared "the bed". We lost our 14 year old AIDog earlier this year and Mesa still seemed to be mourning that loss when Loki arrived. Loki's arrival improved her mood instantly, but he was not permitted near "the bed". I was so relieved to see her sharing "the bed" because they have had some spats recently and now I am thinking/hoping the arguments may just be normal adjustments b/c Loki is almost as big as Mesa already, is pr
  11. Mesa turned 3 this past May. I think she is from what was Shappa's last litter before his retirement (Shappa x Kona, Spring 2013). If I am not mistaken, she is sister to Tonto as well as May Dog of the Month, Kojak. I may be a tad biased, but I do believe that Shappa made some super pretty puppies! Of course, it is only because of the forum that I can see her siblings... love the Forum!
  12. Yes - I think Zuni and Loki are brothers! I think there was one other pup in the litter, but I don't think I've seen a post on the forum. Some quick 15 week picture updates... (anything can be a tug toy)
  13. Hi NorCal - I believe Loki is Zuni's Blue's brother! (Sorry, I saw your earlier post asking, but lost connection to the forum for a while there and didn't have a chance to respond.) So, 15 weeks old today and he just got his last round of shots earlier this week so we will be going to the trail for the first time this weekend! He is only 21 pounds (Zuni Blue is a big boy at 24lbs!) but, according to the vet, is tracking with Mesa pretty closely - she was 20lbs at this age. They are quite a pair. I highly recommend two Aidogs ... at least, maybe more
  14. I believe little Loki may be in the middle of a growth spurt. His energy level and appetite have been off the charts this week. Luckily for us, Mesa is still his favorite chew toy. His coat also seems to be changing - he now has long dark hair over his base of chocolate. It's filling in slowly and creating an unusual pattern. He has also caught up to our kitty in size (to be fair, we have a pretty large cat) - but oh, those ears, love those ears, he has not quite grown into those yet. They actually turn in a little and can look like fluffy little horns. Some pics as he continues to
  15. Unfortunately no, we weren't able to visit SDK. Would love to do the cross-country trip, but we have not been able to manage it yet... someday though! Both Loki and Mesa were shipped to us - Loki was up wagging his tail (wiggling his entire body really) and licking us through the grate of his kennel the moment we met him at the airport. He is a super sweet lovable little guy and didn't seem to mind the trip at all. I hope your beautiful girl enjoys her new pup when she gets him or her. I just told Kim about Mesa's personality so he could assess the pups for a personality that would be
  16. Oh so cute! I love her 'smile' in the next to last pic. Adorable!
  17. Here is an updated picture of Loki at 12 weeks, with his best buddy Mesa. (His legs and ears seem to be growing the most.)
  18. Quick update... growing like a weed
  19. I had never heard of a trail marker tree before... so cool! Thanks Sherab!
  20. Loki is from the Chawa x Rowdy litter - and yes, Mesa was rough with our kitty as a pup. It was odd though, our kitty is a big tough guy who fears nothing - but when Mesa was a pup he let her get away with everything. He has long hair and she loved to grab him by the tail and drag him out from under furniture and pounce on him and pull on his neck fur - but he let her do it. It was as though he knew she was a baby and he exercised a ton of patience. As she got older, they became playmates, chasing each other around the house... the ferocious kitty typically wins games of chase/wrestle. No
  21. So many pups going to new homes but I'm sure there are owners still waiting to hear, so I thought I would post an update after our pups first week home (I couldn't get enough puppy pics while I was waiting). We finally settled on his name - Loki it is. He and Mesa have become inseparable and Mesa has grown up so much since his arrival. She sleeps outside his crate and watches over him, but she also tries to take care of her human family too. If she thinks he is getting too rough with one of us, she brings him a toy to distract him then rolls over so he can chew on her instead. If she thinks ei
  22. Thanks all! We couldn't be happier, he compliments the family so well and fit right in. Big sister Mesa accepted him right away - put him in his place a few times and had to adjust to his level of play - but now she spends much of their play time on her back, letting him have the upper hand. It's great to see her being so gentle with him. I tried to get a picture of the two of them together, but the pics are always blurry... caught this one just before pup jumped up and ran off... these are a little less blurry ... and a close up... looks like he will have one blue eye and one hazel... just
  23. Our little boy arrived yesterday afternoon... he is a super sweet little guy!!
  24. Thanks Greg! Gave Kim a call today and am keeping my fingers crossed :-)
  25. Anyone know how old these little ones are? We missed our opportunity last summer and are hoping we might get the call for one of these precious bundles (can't get enough of that chocolate pup... how sweet it would be to have two chocolate pups)
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