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Denise E.

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Denise E. last won the day on September 21 2019

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    Broward County
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    Lakota Ceremonies, praying, helping others, reading, camping, farming, horses, dogs, cats. History, science, Universe & other learning shows and of course my entertaining mindless TV shows: sci-fi, supernatural, anime, action, comedy ... Oh, and I have an ironic sense of humor

About Me

I pretty much put 'About Me' in the Interests section. Didn't see this ...


Farmer's daughter - worked hard, played hard, got good grades in school, got mono.

Dairy farm days are over. Would still love to have a bit of land, raise my own meat, have a horse again; Ride trails on my horse with my AI Dog(s). Dogs could help out.

I have gardened and canned. Fished, hunted, gutted, dressed and cooked.


All that seems miles away, now living in Florida - like the weather, not so crazy about the mosquitoes ... ehh, they are everywhere when it's warm and humid enough.


I hope it's all like riding a bike - I'm sure it will come back to me - in the meantime - I sit on my butt in an office - bookkeeping and other things.


I'm a mutt - English, Irish, German, Dutch & Scottish, & Maori. Hunka Lakota.

Live that way, as much as can be while living in both worlds.


Married once, some time ago - friendly divorce. No kids :( as of yet.

There is still a little time? if it's meant to be and I meet the right man.

Fur kids are it. Me - the animal lover with funky allergies. I manage, adapt.


I'm sure I'll be able to pass on the ways to future generations when its time. There are different ways of making family. It's really a wonderful life!

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