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    Lakota Ceremonies, praying, helping others, reading, camping, farming, horses, dogs, cats. History, science, Universe & other learning shows and of course my entertaining mindless TV shows: sci-fi, supernatural, anime, action, comedy ... Oh, and I have an ironic sense of humor

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  1. Thanks for the Announcement Greg A welcome distraction to my home work day
  2. A long sorrowful howl for your loss Gib & Joan. I'm glad He was able to be active until close to the end and you have lots of memories with him. Thank you for sharing the crossing ritual with us. I'm really at a loss for words, I hope your, Joan's and Wicca's hearts lighten soon!
  3. Dang I can't count. Have two, would LOVE 3!
  4. That's a tough one. It may take him some time. OK. a new AI puppy was my top answer (but not too soon). Tayamni lost a non A companion she grew up with and even when she got over it (it took about 4 months even With Coffey already here as a pup), well, for up to 2 years we couldn't mention Roger's name or she would moan and mope. Is there something of Boone's that comforts him (that is not associated with Jay)? It sounds counterintuitive but may it will help to put it in there for him. Just a thought. See if he takes comfort or not by it. It is tough to grieve and see your
  5. Thanks for sharing your journey Woodrat! I would love a 2 dog pack, too! Just hasn't been good timing for me. I think it is wonderful you were able to go out with the dogs to Song Dog kennel. Such a dream come true and glad you were able to do it! The pictures and narratives are awesome
  6. Nice pis of Boone! You go boy with that howl for your Birthday!
  8. Cassowary: the prettier, deadlier cousin of the Emu.
  9. Sounds like a good time bonding that morning time. They grow up so fast!
  10. you can make rabbit ragu & stewed rabbit in an Instant Pot if you can get them from her before she gets into them
  11. NorCal, weird noises ... yeah Coffey is in that category. Sherab, I like the feet shuffle/mark idea - I think I'll borrow that. Berta, mine do the run and try to hide (in the furniture) with dental bones - LOL! We do a lot of "leave it" training (don't want them to forget) and 'remove from mouth training' on and off. There was something, I think a real/raw bone, that caused Coffey to growl at Tayamni when she came over to him. I've done repetitive training as others and gotten GOOD results. I wonder if getting bitten by a Shepard has stirred up a reaction? This did to me s
  12. So sorry Lisa for your loss. I totally understand the not washing bedding etc yet. Will hug Tayamni & Coffey extra tonight for sure! Everything in its time. I too have been visited by spirits of pets crossed over. Hawk may watch over your family going forward.
  13. oh such cute little pups and love the first pic of mom in the den!
  14. Ohhhhhh! Myyyyy! precious little P-U-P-S!!!!!!!
  15. I'm late to this party .... as usual. I fed Taste of the Wild to both pups and they thrived on it! Then after Tayamni turned 2 yrs she developed food allergies. Off Gluten, off grains, off Taste of the Wild - guess what? She's allergic to or it worsens her allergies - Peas! (& some beef, and definately pork, and ...) I searched and searched and found Sport Dog Food. Then when they reformulated I started additional feeding Instinct Ultimate Protein - chicken & Ultimate Protein Duck. Still feed Sport Dog Food too, now Sporting Dog Grain-Free. I really want to stay w
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