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  1. STJ1019


    Our sweet Chataugua (Taugie or Taugs for short) is over a year now. I cannot express how in love we are with our sweet girl. My daughter Josie turned 2 a few months ago, and Taugs is SO sweet and protective of her. I run a daycare here at my house, so Chataugua, in a sense, has grown up with babies all around her. She has such a loving, sweet maternal way with my daughter and the little boy, Davis, I look after. She is so intuitively smart!! We're always getting asked where we found such a special dog. We haven't posted here in a while, but wanted to show some recent photos of Chataugua being
  2. Oh, I see - thanks Sherab! It's funny, Kim mentioned that Chataugua is very shy, and we'd need to socialize her. I assumed he meant dogs AND people....but she SURE is not shy at all around people!!! Everyone comments how sweet and dear she is. She was a little shy with dogs - but we've socialized her lots and take her to a dog park fairly regularly so she's cured of her dog shyness. When we're at the dog park she will go up to anyone and greet them, sometimes sitting in between their legs while we are chatting. And, yup, unfortunately she'll jump on folks occasionally there too - especia
  3. Wow, thank you for all of your tips and advice!! I will go with your technique Sherab, and have Chataugua sit and wait/stay (she knows both of these commands...but it's hard for her to sit/stay when she's SO amped up!). My husband and I will train her to sit/stay and start with us, then use his parents as our patient friends! They know and love Taugua - and will gladly assist in her training. I also agree that ignoring is a great method - my husband and I use that too when she's overexcited. I know she can do it! She's learned not to jump on myself and my husband, so she'll get the mess
  4. I have been reading through some helpful links on here about puppy development (thanks Sherab!!) and see a connection with our sweet girl, Chataugua who is just about 8 months old. I wanted to come here to see what some of you experts have done to keep your pups from jumping up on guests who come to the house? Here are the positives (I like to start with those - there are SO many): Taugua knows my husband and I are her pack leaders - she NEVER jumps up on us - even though she is super excited when we walk in the door. We trained her not to do that by holding her paws (once she hops up) a
  5. Great story -thanks so much for sharing!!! That is great - glad your hard work & persistence paid off! Good news first: Chataugua is potty-trained!! YAY! She actually has been for a while now - at least a couple of months I'd say. She only had 3 accidents when we 1st brought her home. She will howl at the door if she rrrrrrrrrrreally has to go. And the barking has improved A LOT. We did grab the kong wobbler, she loves it! She still chews on the kids' toys - and gets reprimanded for that. I was out of town for a few days, came home and Chatuagua was THE MOST excited
  6. Oh thanks NashAsh!!! She is soooooooooo gentle and mindful around babies. She is great - I look after another little guy who just turned a year old and Chataugua minds her manners around the little ones. I know what you're saying about consistency, we have had guests over and Chataugua tries to "bend the rules" around them. We've had to tell house guests: "Chataugua is in training" and that means EVERYONE must respect the rules we've set for her. I've explained it to people that it's actually really unfair to the pup if you don't follow the house rules because in the end, she's confused
  7. Hi HappyDaze!! Ah, thanks so much for your help!!! I haven't seen the kong wobbler, so I'll look for that. You're right though, when Chataugua is occupied - she's totally quiet. It's seeming like it's coming out of boredom - as in invitation for play or attention. Great advice, thank you!
  8. Thanks so much Gib for your information and your personal experience - it helps to know what others go through and how they've worked through it. Her barks are always high-pitched, so most often in the "play with me" mode. And, perhaps even after getting reprimanded she just wants to express herself in some way - and even encourage us to continue to play with her? Her body language is tail-wagging, leaning down on her front paws - the classic play-eliciting pose. This morning while I was feeding my daughter breakfast, Chataugua was playing with a chew toy near my feet. She looked up an
  9. On another positive note, this sweet pup is great with our daughter - here's a sweet pic of them!
  10. Oooh, yes good point Dimsum - we use the "tsst" Cesar Millan noise too. Hmmph, I am stumped - it doesn't seem to work? Today we got back from a walk, my daughter and I were playing with Chataugua in the yard. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Chataugua looks at me: "BARK!" and repeatedly barked at me about 5 or 6 times... Then, in order to correct her I put my daughter down and she barked at her. She got reprimanded for barking at her pack leaders , then barked afterward, reprimanded again then quieted down.... I don't really know why she barks sometimes - or if that even really matt
  11. Karen, I love your rule - we go by that one too! How did you train them to not bark loudly? Barking is Ok - under certain circumstances - but Chataugua cannot bark at myself, my daughter or my husband. Usually, she'll bark at myself and my husband for attention or as a way of back-talking after she's been reprimanded. Once in a GREAT while she'll bark at Josie to play with her. That is SO not Ok with me - it scares Josie and I am not comfortable with her thinking Jos is another pup she can play with. Although 95% of the time she is SO great with our daughter... NashAsh - I wonder tha
  12. Thanks so much Allison!! Great advice. We're actually researching which obedience class we'd like to take Chataugua to, so maybe they'll cover that there? She's great on walks - we've been training her in the Cesar Millan style to stay behind. I had a feeling this was a passing phase, but completely agree with you that we need to attend to it.
  13. Just wanted to see how we can help our sweet lil Chataugua not bark/yip at us - in what I am assuming is an attention-getting way. She's such a mellow little pup, but once in a while she'll be chewing away on something...stop, look up at my husband or myself and: "YIP!" - almost out of nowhere. She will also look at us and: "BARK!" or "YIP!" after we've reprimanded her for something...like not chewing on our daughter's toys, jumping up on the couch, etc. I am getting the sense that her barks/yips are either her way of playing/interacting or just her way of saying: "HEY! Play with me now!"
  14. Hey all - THANK you SO very much for your advice!!! We gave Chataugua her next round of Trifexis and used BioSpot and fleas are gone! We too have wood floors - thankfully - but I end up cleaning/vacuuming them often because of my daughter who looooooooves to put everything in her mouth! Diatomaceous earth also sounds like a great solution, thanks for that Dimsum!! My daughter and I are playing in our backyard constantly - and she puts so many things in her mouth (rocks, dirt, leaves) that I hesitate to put too much in the yard...but I will look into this stuff for sure. You guys a
  15. Hi NashAsh! Thank you for checking in, we do have 2 teething little ones in the house now....and it has been challenging! Both girls put LOTS of things in their mouths, and Chataugua always wants to chew on Josie's (my daughter) toys. I have chew toys for Taugua, and I cannot blame her for being confused - but my husband and I are either re-directing her away from our daughters toys or just scolding her for sticking her face inside her toy chest. I have 2 large bins of toys for Josie, and when Josie is napping the lids are on and that makes it easier for Chataugua...it's just tricky when
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