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  1. Looking forward to another winter with our snow dog.....Anyone else out there with a pup who loves BOTH the snow and water?
  2. wag65


    Kola turns 4 today! Still the sweetest boy
  3. wag65


    Little Kola update.... He is perfect....every day, every way! I love the last one of him snuggling with my son Charlie...had to capture their feet I cant remember which litter he is from...it was 2013 fall i think and I want to say it was Little Bear x Rowdy Can anyone help?
  4. He reminds me of our boy Kola....Your pup is beautiful!!! Be very careful that your big dog doesn't play too rough with him. Kim recommends this because their joints are very loose for quite some time. Your pictures are fabulous, funny and heart warming! Keep them coming
  5. OH MY.....I am so thrilled to see the picture of Little Bear! She is the Mum to our Kola Kolas markings are so similar, but he has Rowdys coloring i presume. Beautiful combination!!!
  6. wag65

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Really striking pup.....which litter is he from? Parents? Nice blending
  7. wag65

    Chief Pup-Pup

    WOW! You both are beautiful! A match made in heaven it appears Keep sharing....he is absolutely stunning/handsome!
  8. Our Kola did fine. If I recall, Kim made the flight arrangements, and the airline is familiar with the shipping of pups. Our guy got in early because they bumped him to a sooner flight at his lay-over so he wouldn't get to cold. The attendants are good to them We took Kola out right away and loved him up!! We have never crated him since! These first pics are right after we picked him up, and driving home A little spoiling never hurts Quickly adjusted....
  9. So precious!! Thanks for sharing
  10. I am going to try to come....never done this, but I have a son that lives in California, so maybe I can talk him into coming up to camp with Kola and I I will keep you posted!
  11. Sherab.....I think we might look into a stroller or something wheeled, if it ever is necessary. I am searching for a picture we took over the summer in the boat......Kola still thinks he is small enough to be a lap dog, and tries to sit with us while driving!!! He is a hoot!
  12. That is SO COOL!!! They all looks so happy!!
  13. Unfortunately Miz Molly......we have an x-ray that shows the birth defect! We emailed all our info to Kim, and apparently there was another from that same litter (Rowdy x Little Bear) that had some issues also. To our knowledge if I remember correctly, Kim won't be breeding the two again We didn't have to worry about our big husky being too rough with Kola because she hated him for about the first 4-6 months! It took her a very long time to warm up to Kola. Sadly, my husband had been researching for a long time on the perfect dog breed for us. He is a runner ( Boston Marathoner)....a
  14. These dogs are beautiful inside and out! Thank goodness Pico doesn't seem bothered by his injury. we will be seeing a specialist for Kola this fall. We will know a little more then, but I have a lot of faith in our local Vet. .... He has cured one of our rescue dogs from heartworm, and our Husky when someone fed her some grapes!!!! Kola continues to thrive and bring us SO SO much joy!!
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