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  1. Hello Everyone, Wanted you to know that after and extended painful illness that could not be controlled, she asked us to let her go on Wednesday. We are grateful to have had Ayita for 5-1/2 years. She was brave and oh so sweet her whole short life. We learned a lot from her. After much testing and medicating, it was determined that she had a form of immune-mediated polyarthritis with enough clinical findings to put her into the class of systemic lupus erythematous (SLE). I understand from Kim that this is very very rare in AI dogs.
  2. Well, little Ayita is having another adventure--a very sad one this time. She was diagnosed with autoimmune disease last week. It seems to be attacking her joints and we think causing the dry eye problem we've had for about a year. Severe symptoms came on very suddenly and it took a week to perform all of the tests and get the results. She's on prednisone now and feeling better, although still very weak. Looking back at her chart, she has always had some intermittent lameness--since she was maybe 2 or so--she's 5 1/2 in March. Tests & X-rays have never shown any problems with the hips. We
  3. While watching NBC Nightly News tonight, I was surprised by a beautiful story about a group named Ayita, which means first to dance...get a tissue... To help her daughter pursue her passion for dance, Sami Gibson founded Ayita— a dance team for children who glide and spin in their wheelchairs, delighting their parents with their amazing grace. [url="https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/dance-group-brings-joy-to-girls-in-wheelchairs-1419394627871"
  4. Five year update! Happy Birthday today Ayita! Thank you Kim for the sweetest girl. Here is a picture of her with my 4 year old great granddaughter. They met for the first time this same day.
  5. The first time we went to Song Dog Kennels to meet Kim and look at the dogs 5 years ago, we got out of the car and walked toward the dogs where Kim was. Many of them started barking. Kim immediately said "No Barking" in a firm voice and all the barking stopped immediately. I'll never forget that. I used that command for training Ayita. She really doesn't bark that much unless we're being attacked by the UPS truck or squirrels, but she stops as soon as I look at her. Although sometimes she can't resist a last bark or so after I turn away.
  6. Ayita has never enjoyed riding in the car as far as I can tell. We started her in a crate in the back of the SUV. She had to be coaxed in with treats and/or picked up and put in, and then just laid still the whole ride. When she was 3, we switched to a tether in the back seat. She was afraid to stand up and move around for at least a year--never cried or got crazy. Now at 4 1/2 she will stand up on certain straight smooth roads for short periods of time, but she won't get into the car unless I throw a couple of treats in first and she only walks around when the car is stopped. I feel for her a
  7. Those are gorgeous. Thought I had a complimentary picture of my little coyote...not as close as I thought.
  8. Ayita is 4 and playing ball is her main interest. She won't fetch, so we play "catch." She loves to jump really high to catch the ball. As seniors, we requested and received a lower energy girl. She is perfect. Between ages 2 and 3 she seemed to injure her hip from time to time. Not so serious that she cried out or couldn't get up in the car or on the bed though. Mostly just limping. Had to watch her though as she would keep on playing if we let her. An exam and X-rays showed no damage and we were given something for the inflammation and pain pills to use when needed. Also, to keep her on leas
  9. Ayita has been on Sentinel for almost 4 years. No side effects that I am aware of.
  10. Oh dear I should absolutely not be looking at these cuties.
  11. Thanks for the update Greg
  12. You shoulda seen the dang rooster!! He is no longer with us for a myriad of reasons ...
  13. Ayita trained us not to worry when she chased the chickens, pinned them down, squeezed their necks and generally ruffled their feathers.Guess she was trying to herd them. Now she knows to "put the chickens away" and everyone is on the same page.
  14. Ayita is so NOT a cuddler, but like Allison's non-Kooskie dogs, she shows her love in those same other ways. She seems happiest to be near us on her own terms, leaning and/or laying her head on a knee or other body part. The way she looks into my eyes with that "I love you, mom" look is pretty awesome too. From time to time, she will get up close and personal, but not for long. Sometimes when she's hanging out, I can't help myself and go over and give her a big snuggle hug. She is very patient with me, but happier to admire me from afar.
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