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  1. Hello All, Ayame has no problems, she is fine. Greetings, Truus
  2. Toka

    Lyme Shots

    Dear All, Except for the lyme desease a much more dangerous variant entered Holland from the south of Europe. The Agressive tick (Rhipicephalus) is found in almost al nature areas. This . Symptomes are bloodings, fever, loss of wait. Also the Dermacentor Tick is found now causing causing the illness babesiose, which is called dogkiller. Last year more than one dog died and several get very ill. It causes a bloodparasite and kidney failure, they die if you notice to late. Be aware that these ticks have a different colour (2 coloured) than the ones causing Lyme. If a dog has been bit an
  3. Hi folks I am not aware of any dogwalk in april. I haven't seen a topic on that? Peter
  4. Hi all I'm not such a "poster" but here a picture of Cheyenne I do want to share. She's doing great with my other dogs and even plays with the cat. She apparently not intimidated by their size cause she even barks at them as she thinks it necessary. Again a great dog. Peter and Truus
  5. Hello Natalie, We just received our second AID, the oldest "Tokayla" is now one year old. Often we go out in the woods and there are several area's where they can go unleashed. Our experience is that she stays with us and when she is seeing something she runs after it, but always come back when you call here. When walking she always looks up or back where we are. After 2 day's our new one Ayame (arrived last sunday), already follow us unleashed, we let her go from the start and when she is not paying attention, we keep walking and you see here running towards you and sometimes we hide, t
  6. Toka

    Ayame's Arrival

    Hello everybody, We are very happy with our new puppy. She is amazing, from the beginning at home and claiming here place. With Ayame we need to be very consequent. She is totally different from Tokayla who is always gentle and willing to please. Ayame is breaking all rules from the start, this is fun and quite a challenge. Here are some pictures, more will follow. Truus and Peter
  7. Toka

    June Pups

    Hi Everybody, The first picture (Silver/Fawn) is ours. Kim says here eyes will be silver or blue. We are so happy that Tokayla gets a girlfriend to play with. Toka learns quick, but I agree it is important to learn them to follow you when they are young. She runs off when she spots other animals, otherwise she is listening well. She comes back, but it takes about 15 minutes. All the pups looky wonderfull. We wish all the new owners luck with these handsome boys and girls. Truus and Peter
  8. Toka

    Dog Of The Month

    Hi Gea, The Tsjech has a great and gentle character, very social. He has a behaviour similar to Tokayla. But what I have seen is that not all Tsjech wolfdogs are like him. Truus
  9. Toka

    Dog Of The Month

    Hi Allison, I agree, Marcel has visited us with Baingana, he and Tokayla recognized eachother immediately. Tokayla also can get along well with the Tsjecheslowakian wolfdog of my daughter. See attached some additional pictures of here and also one with her "very big" friend. Kind regards, Truus
  10. Hi Gea and Kaya-kiani, No this is Baingana's sister, she did arrive together with him. Helaas konden we de laatste wandeling niet wegens een blessure van Peter. De volgende zijn we er zeker bij. Groetjes Truus
  11. Hi Marina, I have only one, see attachment. We have one pup of this litter, named Tokayla. She looks a lot like here mum. Regards, Truus
  12. Hi Allison, If we ever would take a second AID, it would definitly be one of Kim. Our Tokayla has stolen our hearts, she is as gently and beautiful as Kim promised us. She is now changing colour during the winter. Soon we will send some additional pictures. We agree all that Marcel has said. She is always in to play and challenging us. Tokayla is not a scared or shy dog, as Kim advised we did go slow with her and that has been rewarded. We did not need the proof of the pictures to beleave in Kim. When the puppies arrived and the way they behaved was proof enough. Truus and Pe
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