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  1. Wow, that's one long paragraph. That's not how I had it on my screen. Sorry guys.
  2. Bodhisattva has definitely had a torturously long wait. Not sure why almost a year. That seems like much longer than the average wait. We waited 7 months, which was excruciating, but worth it. My daughter and I knew our number was up and decided to make a week long adventure of touring Oregon with a brief jaunt to CA to see the Redwood forests before leaving with our puppy. If you have that option, I highly recommend it. We went to Kim's at the beginning of the week to meet him and the puppies and flew home with our puppy at the end of the week. We chose our favorites based on a
  3. Abaiya has played briefly today. Her energy level is still low overall, but she did have a short burst of "the zoomies" earlier today. It's slow but steady progress. I'll take it. I spoke with Kim LaFlamme today about Abaiya's seizures. Apparently, only three or four AI dogs have had seizures and they were attributable to tick borne diseases. That makes sense, as Abaiya has recently spent some time in heavily wooden areas. We should have the test results back in a few days. She's on a 2 month course of Doxycycline in case that possibility becomes reality. We'll see. All I know
  4. Sherab, I'm choosing to blame the double posting on my sleep deprivation. That was my fault for sure. Once I realized what I'd done, I couldn't undo it. I need to ask Allison to help delete one of them. Oops. Abaiya has had a great day and a half. No seizures since the vet gave her phenobarbital on Friday. Two doses of Valium didn't stop the seizures, so they resorted to the big guns. She is taking Keppra 3 times a day now. It's also expensive, but has fewer side effects than Zonisamide or Phenobarbital, if I remember correctly. She hasn't had a seizure since Friday at 11:10, but
  5. Abaiya Boo from Jay Silver Heels and Chawa's litter (born September 9th, 2013) may have juvenile epilepsy. She has had seizures every hour and a half since 7:30 last night. We rushed her to the emergency vet, who suspected epilepsy or a toxin. Apparently this condition occurs in about 5% of puppies. The good news is that they can grow out of it. Abaiya is currently under seizure watch at a local veterinary specialist hospital that has a neurologist on staff tonight. She has been given phenobarbital to control the seizures while they try to narrow down the potential suspects. Tick borne d
  6. Thank you. We are having fun, but watch her like a Hawk. It's not easy, but it will pay off later. Fortunately, when she has potty accidents inside the house, she seeks out the ferrets potty pads that line each corner of the kitchen. I'll post a video of them playing soon. The ferrets wag their tails when Abaiya tries to get them in their clear, plastic tube. It's funny as long as she's gentle.
  7. NashAsh

    New Pup Checklist

    Puppy nail trimming: We use a toenail clipper to trim Abaiya's nails when she's sleeping. If she wakes up we have peanut butter ready to keep her happily distracted. Mental stimulation toys. It keeps her entertained when I'm busy! Bully sticks are great to get her happily and voluntarily in her crate. I put one in her Kong. Touch her paws, ears, neck, and food bowl often so she's used to unexpected annoyances that can trigger aggression in some dogs. The forum is loaded with great suggestions. Thanks again veteran AI dog owners.
  8. Meet Abaiya Boo! Mom is Chawa (with Feather's Shadow & Little Bear) Dad is Jay Silver Heels Abaiya slept fine in the car on the way from Kim's to Portland, but now she whimpers when she rides in the car. We're working on it. It helps when her yorkie buddy, Angel, is next to her. She calms Abaiya down. Abaiya hated being at the airport. She yelped, howled, and whimpered through security and occasionally while we waited for flights. We took potty pads and a collapsible water bowl with us for the 10 hour total travel time from Portland hotel to Nashville home. She pottied o
  9. Neo was my favorite puppy at Kim's. He had this quiet intensity and gorgeous eyes that mesmerized me. Thank you for sharing how he's doing; please keep it up. Excellent photos.
  10. China, Star, Lisa, and any others (active or lurking) experiencing loss: We are sorry for your loss, and welcome your sharing of memories. Thank you for sharing; you honor us by offering the chance to let us share in your loss, past joys, and anticipation of future joys. Sleeping puppy snuggles is highly therapeutic. Abaiya's family
  11. Oh, I remember her! She's the one Sydney and I called "The Talker"...and not because of her mom, Talker. She would say "Woo-woo" when ever she wanted attention, stop and stare you in the face with those adorable eyes, then "woo-woo" again. When that didn't work, she would stick her head through the fence and get stuck. She did it three times while we were there. Kim had to help free her from the fence because her ears wanted to stay out! Please post lots of stories about her. We adored her!!!
  12. NashAsh

    Meet !cake!

    Our ten and a half week old Abaiya will not stop growing. At the vet yesterday she was 14.4 pounds!!
  13. NashAsh


    Wag65, Six of Talker's nine puppies were born. They are the young litter that I posted on Fall-New Pups on Oct. 31st (sorry, I don't know how to copy the link to this posting). Those puppies were 5.5 weeks old on Oct. 29th, when we picked up Abaiya. Still need to post about her...and change our icon! Talker's pups would have been born in late September. Talker died because three puppies were unborn. Kim was still too devastated to post anything about it, understandably.
  14. Dogs from the Amazon?!?!?!?!?!?
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