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  1. Consulting a trainer is a great idea. I'm sure she would love to get out of the garage. She could also be having aggression issues because of physical discomfort. Hot spots can be so bad that they lose sleep and can get really agitated too. I don't know how old she is, but arthritis can be an issue, especially after excercise. Point being,a medical check up would probably be a good idea too.
  2. Zephyr is also very scared of thunder and fireworks, but I have developed a pretty good routine to help make it easy on him. He goes in his crate (in the most internal room in the house), I place a very heavy blanket over the crate (leaving the door and some of the ventilation in the back uncovered), then i place a fan we have that is sort of loudish blowing right into the kennel. It's to keep him cool and provide some white noise. If it's a very prolonged storm or the 4th, I will give him a low dose of sedative, mostly he does ok without it. If I'm home, I will make sure I make extra 'human d
  3. This is my Juno's sister. Very pretty pup!
  4. Have you done allergy testing? It can be a little pricey, but can save you money in the long run. Not only can they test what they are allergic to, but to what degree they are allergic to a specific allergen. They have tests for both food and environmental allergies. You'd be surprised at the things they can be allergic to; grasses, proteins, grains, peas(in almost every dry dog food), cats, local wild animals, cleaning agents, humans, trees, dust, etc. Might be worth a shot if nothing else works. Also, maybe a thyroid check? Sometimes, aside from stress and allergies, some dogs will chew/lick
  5. Both Zephyr and Juno are active sleepers. Paws moving, ears twitching, and tails wagging. Both do heavy breathing, quiet barks, growls and yips. They even sometimes sleep with their eyes partially open and you can see their eyes moving. I only wake them up if it seems like they are having a bad dream.
  6. MeganC

    Meet Juno

    Here are some more pictures of Juno'so first two weeks at home. She and Zephyr are getting on better every day. They play some tug o' war, chase, and coffee table hide and seek. We have been trying to get her out as best as we can without her being able to actually touch the ground. At least she starts her puppy vaccines tomorrow! I have some more pictures of them playing, but I can't seem to be able to size them down small enough to fit the 2mb limit, but I'll keep trying. Potty training is hit and miss with her, but I think she will get there soon. More soon! -Megan, Dustin, Zephyr, and Ju
  7. MeganC

    Meet Juno

    Hello all! It's been a long time since my last post about Zephyr. This past week we went over to Kim's to pick up our new gal Juno! What a sweet little pup she is. She slept the whole way home on my lap. She is doing great at home, already getting along nicely on her potty training. She and Zephyr are still adjusting to each other (Zephyr has only child syndrome) but there's more and more progress every day. It is so fun to watch them test play boundaries and growl and yip at each other. Juno howled like a little banshee the first night at home, but with a bit correction and some reass
  8. Zephyr is from Jay Silver Heels x Ice Blue 2013. He is pretty slim, usually between 40-45lbs. I think he was predicted to be 10lbs heavier, but he seems to have stopped growing. Not sure if he'll fill out any being that he's not even 2 yet.
  9. As soon as we get a house, we're getting on the list. No extra space at the moment. Last time we were ready, but the list was long. Now the list is short and we aren't ready. That's life.
  10. I think I posted this link last year sometime, but Dustin who is a firefighter for the forest service, got me using Inciweb for the past few years to keep track of the fires he works. You can search fires by state, forest, and individual fires. The site is usually updated each night and morning by the people working on the fire. There are also maps, photos, road closure notices, expected fire behavior, etc. http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/
  11. Nickrichard, your boone and my zephyr are definitely half brothers! They look a lot alike.
  12. Why do you guys do this to me!?
  13. It is pretty surprising and unnerving that we are hearing about snakes in very popular recreation areas. Because of sightings near my work where Zephyr spends a lot of time, I elected to get him the rattlesnake vaccine this year. Another good option is to find a trainer who specializes in rattlesnake aversion training. Good check list Allison.
  14. Aside from the heat, over here in northern California with the mild winters we've had an increased number of rattlesnake sightings. They aren't just out in the trails, but around houses as well. So be aware for those suckers. Luckily, no bites at the clinic this year for us so far. It's good to know which, if any local vets carry the anti-venom if you think your dog might be at risk for a snake bite.
  15. Jay is Zephyr's dad. He sends a happy yip to his new half brothers and sisters. Oh boy, I feel the puppy excitement creeping back in...
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