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  1. We'll be there with 13 year old, Nefret/Shasta and her best bud, Riki, the mutt. They've become very attached to other. He protects her and I've caught them necking.
  2. I renamed Shasta, a white former breeder, Nefret. Nefret means beautiful in ancient Egyptian. She is very beautiful and looks like a white Anubis.
  3. Well, we call our dog, Nefret, which means beautiful in ancient Egyptian. Why Egyptian? Because I've been to Africa and she looks like an African dog to me and we were listening to a book in the car about Egyptian archaeologists when we picked her up. The most beautiful character in the story was named Nefret. Kim named her Shasta because she is white but I think of Mt. Shasta as really huge and massive. Nefret is lithe and delicate and graceful and very fast and a very sweet girl.
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