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  1. Hi all, My girl, Aquene, is now 6.5 years old. How time flies! She has been super active all of her life, and she is starting to move a bit slower at certain times (such as when she begins walking after resting on the floor.) I'd like to get her started on a joint support supplement/program. She won't eat the classic chewable Glucosamine/Chondroitin with MSM tablet, Cosequin DS. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, including dietary considerations, please share! She's eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness salmon kibble with varied supplements, such as salmon oil.
  2. Joyous1

    Goodbye Baingana

    Thank you for sharing your loss with this community. I lost my cattle dog last summer, and it was so painful. May your heart heal and love again.
  3. Sherab, sounds like your math is spot on! And, Fenris is such a great name! You are not alone...this litter gave me "the fever" too.
  4. These pictures sure made my night. What a gorgeous litter. Thanks for posting, Greg.
  5. His mask is so handsome!
  6. Sadly, I won't be making the trek up to Oregon this summer. I hope everyone has a wonderful time swapping dog stories and enjoying the beautiful weather!
  7. So adorable...Nuttah resembles Aquene somewhat. How do you pronounce the name?
  8. What a great bunch of photos! I don't have any forum-worthy pictures from my short visit to SDK, but I have lots of wonderful memories, especially from all of those wet noses. Berta: Congratulations on your puppy! I remember how stunning they all were. I hope to catch the nose-work and agility demonstrations next time!
  9. Hi Greg, as a birthday present, I was surprised with a trip to Oregon! Although I won't be staying overnight, I'm looking forward to spending time on Friday seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones! Aquene won't be attending (I'm flying), so I'm hoping other A.I.D. owners won't mind me petting their dogs for a few extra minutes. Looking forward to it!
  10. I love you guys...I'm dying from laughter over here! Sherab.....now about that barn...how many people could it hold exactly? (Hee hee).
  11. As the date approaches for the gathering (eek! in a few days!) I am thinking of those traveling to wish them a safe trip. Brando and Aquene and I will have to experience the Gathering through the forum after-the-fact, but we will be there in spirit.
  12. So majestic. Like his daddy!!
  13. Denise, The collar suits Coffey perfectly! What a handsome boy! It is a beautiful collar, to be sure, but don't worry about it too much. A well-loved collar is better than an unworn, perfect one. Mom Mom, I would be interested in learning more about your beadwork. Let me know if there is a place where I can go online to see some of your work. Or, maybe you can post something here as a new thread?
  14. Thanks, everyone. The collar has been claimed.
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