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    chasing birds, watching elk and deer, jumping through the snow
  1. He is such an amazing dog. When he was a pup I used to stop, have him sit and whisper to him as we watched the wild-life. I think it brought out his inner Native American spirit. He is kind, watchful, independent and knowing. He does not chase the elk, deer or pronghorn on the property. In this picture of him on the rocks he was watching elk. He will chase the fox out of the yard to protect his Junior, his kitty pack member.
  2. I had to share this photo. Koji was extremely patient yesterday! Of course he was rewarded with lots of Easter treats.... The Easter Bunny had a hard time reaching Montana so he kindly stepped in. He told me this was no way to treat a son of Shappa but he got over it!
  3. Meet Kojak. He is a very smart boy! Already sitting, laying down, and totally stays and looks at his food until he is told it is ok! Walks on a leash and is a great swimmer. Such a great addition to our family!! He came to us July 1st and he had a very busy week of fourth of July activities. Kim thought he sent us a shy puppy..... a shy puppy did not come out of the crate.
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