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    Being outdoors, working in my shop, running my business, spending time with my family, mushroom hunting, fixing my Chevy's up.
  1. So much for chew resistant. Two out of the three chew resistant toys gone already.
  2. Wouldn't let me add the toy pic at first. Also got to see a pic of Mato today. She is a little cutie too. About half of what Chaska weighs.
  3. A couple more Bday shots. We tried to put his hat on but he wouldn't set still for it. He kept trying to bite it. Gonna try him on a third bed and see how he does.
  4. Chaska wants to wish his brothers and sister all a happy birthday. Keme, Quin, Mato, and Chaska all turn the big 1 today. Can't believe it has went by so fast. Chaska is doing great. We went tromping through the woods yesterday and he got his first taste of deer dung. Mmm Mmm. He weighs in at 45 lbs. as of now. He is quite the shedder. So have been doing alot of grooming and sweeping and lint rolling his hair from everywhere. The girls have found a new friend although they treat him like a true brother. He likes to be right in the middle of things with them which is sometimes good and oth
  5. He has taken little snips off this plant before and has been told that it is not for him. He had done real good up until today. As soon as I picked up a handful of this plant that was on the floor you could tell he knew he had done wrong before I even said anything. Yes he is still a pup and is learning. He did wrong and he knew it. You all know just as well as I do that you can tell when they know something whether it be right or wrong. As far as why was he left unsupervised. He had earned his freedom around the house up to this point. The reason he wasn't down stairs is that we are wor
  6. I know sometimes when we leave home and chaska has to stay in his crate that he gets upset. When we come home has pulled the blanket that covers his crate through the crate. He doesn't always do this but if you can hear him barking before you get in the truck you can bet when you get back home the blanket is in the crate. Well this morning he did something different. I was still in bed and my wife and two youngest were all in the basement getting the girls ready for the day. Daily routine. Chaska is always left upstairs to roam as he usually does. I will usually hear him give out a bark or
  7. Not sure but that first link that Sherab posted has her name and then CO. Colorado?
  8. So sorry to hear about this. I really hate to hear that. I did a quick search and did come up with this. Dog dander is rich in Can f 1 or Can f 2 allergens (the Can f 1 allergen is higher in non-neutered males). Came off of this site. http://www.asthmacenter.com/index.php/News/details/pet_allergy/ I did go through a couple of other sites and they kind of say the same thing about male dogs as well as cats.
  9. My thoughts are the barking is more that he wants to be down in the midst of things with them. He can hear them playing but can not see them.He stood at the window tonight looking at the girls playing outside and started to bark the same way. He does the same thing when I or the girls are outside and he is inside. He will bark wanting to be out with us. He does the same thing if he is on the back porch and we are inside. Not saying he isn't trying to comunicate something but for me it is just wanting to be down with them. I am going to work with him on the stairs. They are a bit slick being th
  10. RoyS


    I am not sure on his current weight. We had him fixed on the 9th of Aug. and he was at 31lbs. I don't think he has packed on to many since then. Not sure, you have me wondering now. I will have to get him weighed.
  11. Mr. Jay Silverheels has been a busy boy.
  12. Sherab, the basement stairs are closed stairs. He has no issues with the open stairs on the back porch. He runs up and down them with no problems. I think he is just a little leary as he had never been in the basement or on those stairs before. He did the same thing when we introduced him to our bedroom and bathroom after only being allowed in the other rooms of the house. I am sure it will just take some time of working with him and letting him know it is okay. I will have to try the treat idea and see how that goes.
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