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  1. omg that is so sad,if you had not gone to check,i hate to think what would have happened,you are an angle in disguise
  2. so some time during the night last night vamp fell down our basement stairs,which he never has gone near,i felt mooka get off the bed and heard him go down stairs like he does every night i guess to just check all is good ,well he flew up the stairs jumped on the bed and started to whine and bite me which he has never done,and then he would jump off the bed and back up and repeat,i finally got up to see what his problem was and he pretty much went from top step to the basement with out using the stairs,i went down and found vamp sitting there just shaking in the corner,it was like omg what hap
  3. so has been such a hot summer have been trying to keep my 3 inside as much as possible,as we get such bad humidity with the high temps,we did go for small walk to the creek we have and low and behold mooka decided he was going to try and walk across the trees that go from side to side ,while i was picking some raspberries and then i hear a big splash ,i look up and only see vamp and bella,and holy crap my heart drops,i go the the edge and mooka is in the water trying to get out,and me i panic cause i cant swim,but i sat on the log crab his front legs and pull him up and almost fall in myself,b
  4. with mooka we just put his leash on him and he was tied to our waist as he was an still is non stop moving or running, and we had to get the biggest cone of shame as he figured out how to get around it to lick,the little smarty pants,
  5. not sure if this helps,but when my daughter had my first grand daughter mooka just new it was a baby and was extra gentle around her,and when she made any noise and i mean any noise at all he would look at my daughter like why are you not moving ,and he would go to the bedroom door and sit there and whine and whine till she went and got the baby,he would then just go back to his bed or the couch and lay down and go to sleep,but if she would sneeze or cough he was right there sniffing her,he is still like that and my grand daughters will be 2 and 4,and he has never had a mean bone in him toward
  6. so poor poor mooka god bless his heart is being torchered by vamp(vampire)lol,amp is now 10 weeks old and a holy tear loves to jump and smack mooka .bit and pull his lips ,grab his tail bit and pull trying to play tug of war with mooka,and most of the time mooka puts up with it ,he does let vamp know when he has had enough and he will gentle put his mouth on his nose and bit down,where bella(Italian mastiff) wants nothing to do with him as of yet at least unless he is sleeping lol,maybe mooka will let him sleep on him so i can get a pic so to say the last 2 weeks have been fun here in the wo
  7. our newest family member 8 week old male dobi,got him yesterday and has already figured out that mooka hates his feet touched so he keeps going after them and mooka is just so gentle he just hides his feet,and omg mooka is such a worry wort mother hen,every time the puppy makes a noise mooka is up and checking on him and whining and then pacing cause we are not doing anything lol,
  8. https://www.facebook.com/oocahtah/videos/10157254442974688/?l=8094853421764219794 https://www.facebook.com/oocahtah/videos/10157254453439688/?l=9197898838325929542 hope i did this right and they show up out on our walk (well the humans walk)with mooka and bella,mooka is everywhere exploring when we go out back in the woods ,bella on the other hand stays right buy us, wish yesterday i thought to bring my phone mooka was walking in the water and went to step up on a floating log and in went down with his weight and mooka ended up head first in the water ,such a trooper got out of th
  9. well i am hoping winter has finally moved on had a freak bad storm last weekend:rain,sleet,20cm snow,then freezing rain now this is a real lazy spring dog day lol have a good one all and dont forget enjoy them they grow up way to fast,
  10. mooka has never been in a create since i picked him up at the airport.since day 1 he has slept in the bed with us i also have a Italian mastiff and 4 cats ,so needless to say we bought a king bed,but if i am at my daughters visiting and spend then night both dogs will sleep at my back door waiting for me to get home,they will not even eat or go out to go the bathroom if i am not home,personally i could not imagine not having them in the bed with me ,even with mooka legs in the air or him curled up right at my head,but you will all find what works for you and enjoy they grow up fast just like r
  11. mooka would do the same thing it got to where i did not want to take him any where ,i cracked open the back window so they had air and i notice that he did quiet down a bit and i opened a bit more and as soon as he could put is head out with one paw and the back of the front seat he was in heaven,so now when ever we go any where and before i have put on my seat belt he starts that omg whining and does not care that its -20c out as long as he can put his head out life and the drive are good
  12. looks just like mookas twin ,who are the parents
  13. ]welcome to canada little one enjoy her they grow up so fast,cant believe mooka has been with us for for 5 yrs he will be 6 in dec
  14. glad all went well and yes good luck on keeping him quite ,mooka was and still in a go go go dog even in sleep
  15. true north you will love yours when you get it and if anything like my mooka will love our canadian winters right now when i live its -30 and he want to stay outside more than inside but i wont let him,enjoy your little one when you get they grow up so fast
  16. so its been awhile had been keep a close eye on mooka ,and no more seizures,and he is still the goof ball we all love,we have a creek that runs threw our property and him and bella love to wrestle and head butt each other well when my grand girls and my kids we up for or thanks giving we were out by the creek and the 2 of the them start playing and mooka gave bella such up big head butt she ended up in the creek,me i freak out cause i cant swim so i scream to my hubby and son and they come running and my son drops he phone and jumps in the cold water after he cause ill i seen is she went up or
  17. from what i have read and talking to my brothers sounds like epileptic seizures and they show up when dogs is around 5yr or older and mooka will be in dec ,dont thing it something he ate as he never goes in the woods as my dogs not allowed to with out us and i wont let them eat anything of the ground as u never know ,and we dont use any kind of weed killer or any chemicals so hoping and so fave has not had any more
  18. never heard of that one here we have advantage which is for all three and he has never had a problem with it b4
  19. yes up here we have to every year so they can get there shots,it so weird it just started 2 weeks ago and noting has changed and we dont use and weed killer or chemicals outside because of our animals and any other time he has gotten sick nothing like this has happened ,and unfortunately i dont have the extra 600.00 it would cost for blood work,so for now just keeping and eye on him and this one did not seem as bad as the first one,
  20. well at 6am this morning mooka was sick again and had another seizure ,anyone else dog every had this
  21. havent been on a bit just enjoy the not so hot summer here but so much rain,well last week mooka started to get sick so i open the door and he went out side and got sick next thing i see him doing his crazy run circles like he loves to do,and the next thing he collapsed my husband ran out to check him and by the time i got out he was just finishing his convulsions and then he got up ran away from us and then looked like he was going to attack my husband but thank god he didn't he just barked and barked at him the whole time my husband got down to mookas level and just kept saying its ok its ok
  22. mookas new buddy that loves to beat the crap out of him we keep 2 males out of the litter of 4 and they both love to beat mooka they are always smaking his face and jumping down on him but he is so patient with them but he does try to push them off the couch as that seems to belong to him and bella
  23. so i rescued this little girl someone founder outside covered in snow and omg i could not let her be like that as the lady could not keep her,so we get her home and low and behold 30 days later we have 4 little babies and mooka everytime he hears them cry out in the room he runs to the door and tries his best to get in even with the door closed ,and when we dont move he starts pacing all over the place till we move and if we still dont he will start yelling at us and bouncing all over the place,i do have to say he is worse that a brand new moma (wether 2 legged or 4 legged)he is such a worry w
  24. Mooka would dig like his live depended on it that is how he got his name Mooka in ojibee means dig up buy the time he was 2 he stopped we just told him no digging and kept on him and he would see my gsd never dug or the little fluff ball so everyday got less and less till now nothing
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