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  1. Hello...Tenshi is my 8yr old. A few years ago he had a seizure. Took him to the vet - nothing wrong. I mentioned this to a neighbor who had a retriever that had seizures much of her life. She said the vet couldn't find what it was. She found through observation that if the dog had something with nitrates in it - like hot dogs, she would have a seizure. When I heard this I realized the night before Tenshi had his seizure a gas station person had given him a hot dog (after asking me). Tenshi has never had a seizure since. Only organic nitrate free hot dogs. Try looking for nitrates in
  2. Great pictures, looks like lots of fun! So cute, I love the big ears!
  3. Happy to hear about your great adventure. Good story, good pictures. Congratulations on your darling Yonder!
  4. Sherab...where do you get the Fromm Highlander Beef Oat Barley? Can we get it on line? I've been trying to switch around Tenshi's diet...he didn't like the Duck and one of the new cans he throws up so I've stopped that can of course. I've used the same food for incredibly too long. But he gets bites from me of meats, fruits and vegetables, eggs. A couple years back Tenshi had a seizure. Straight to the vet...nothing found, nothing out of sorts. A neighbor came by and said she had a dog that had seizures often and the item that caused the most seizures for her was the nitrates in bacon, h
  5. I'm so happy to see all of these beautiful puppies and their lucky new owners. Congratulations to all. It is a little hard to see these wonderful pictures, makes me want another!
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